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4/15/2015 c3 AmDorp
Thank you for making Vlad go insane. Could you give him this cat the next time you see him? *gives a cat*
4/15/2015 c2 AmDorp
I was thinking that Klemper was going to be one of the campers.
2/3/2013 c1 GhostToast2000
1/27/2013 c12 3xXMapleLeafXx
Oh please continue to write the story it was soooooooo funny
11/6/2010 c15 3BostonFan1993
Thank you for editing chapter 14. Sorry for being so hard on ya but I was pretty frustrated beforehand and then reading my favorite character getting eliminated didn't help at all. I know I probably just should've asked nicer but again I was angry and frustrated even before reading it. Anyway, I did re-add this story to my alert.

Chapter 15: Awesome and thank you for having Youngblood in the spotlight and giving him invincibility. Also I think The Killer Fruit Loops made the right choice keeping Kitty...it'll help the Screaming Phantoms win more challenges lol.

Enjoy your break. Hope ya come back soon for more.
11/5/2010 c5 3DanPOWER
I'm very confused about one thing. I have seen twice now (I'm on chapter 5) references to Dan being in he story, but we didn't see him arrive...?
11/4/2010 c13 EscapetoMusic
Omg... HAHAHAHA! I was just cracking up the entire time! This is just amazing! And I LOVE the fruit loop thing with Vlad! Haha, keep it up and keep on writing! Heehee, so funny! Heehee
11/4/2010 c14 3BostonFan1993
What the fuck? You had the best character eliminated SECOND? SECOND? You bitch!

Youngblood should've won this thing. Seriously I'm unsubbing this story because you eliminated the only character in the show that wasn't boring. You probably weigh like over 200 pounds and you're gonna have a loser like Vlad or Danny win. I mean Boxlunch! How the fuck did Box Lunch and Star make it further than Youngblood? That's gay!

You wont be getting anymore readers because you eliminated the best so no one will give a shit what happens now. Youngblood deserved to either win or AT LEAST have his own elimination but you had to share it with that anorexic bitch.

I suggest you re-write this and do it right. *unsubs*
9/11/2010 c12 7Kady P
ok i got some ideas :D

1. less camp activities. i dont really like them as much because theres no reward or voting off and its just well kinda... pretty much boring.

2. heres some ideas for challenges: race, scavenger hunt, trivia, simon says, cross country tag race, eating contest, 3 legged race, and a pretty genius idea: a series of challenges in one challenge where people have to be handcuffed to their least favorite person and they have to work together.

3. also, perhaps there should be something where technus is all annoying and stuff but then theres a challenge where technus really helps (idk something with technology? lol... or it could be where he annoys the other team) but they still lose and its big anticipation to see who gets voted off. this can be with any character, though.

4. one more thing, please keep reminding us readers whos on whos team by describing the scene.

thank you and please update your story :)
8/19/2010 c11 darkbeyonddeath666
Good work this is very funny please update soon
8/11/2010 c10 13DarkHeartsMilitary
8/8/2010 c10 pancakes6969696969
aha Bieber hater! I love you for that.
8/8/2010 c10 4XxPrincessPhantomxX
swimming in plasma river. haha. croc attack.
8/1/2010 c9 pieinyourface
i really want to hear the stories and who is voted off
8/1/2010 c7 pieinyourface
this stor is one of my favorites post more
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