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for avete per sempre mio cuore

3/14/2011 c1 96Selene Illusinia
Good story. Interesting story. You need a beta or a spell-checker. What you wrote is good, your formatting needs some work. There were a lot of places where sentences should have been broken up or paragraphs should have different punctuation. Otherwise, good story and a really good beginning.
5/28/2009 c1 LaVieBoheme76
I love it! It's one of those rare stories where the punctuation and grammar errors, while present, don't drive me crazy to the point where I stop reading. I love the story, great job!
8/4/2008 c1 annekebb4ever
beautiful story do you have your inspiration for this story from gray's anatomy?

thanks for the story it was very good writen.

7/23/2008 c1 corik80
I love it!
7/22/2008 c1 allymcnally
Did you bother to run spell check?
7/22/2008 c1 Bren76
Very hot...

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