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for Paradise Lost

11/2 c10 Guest
It's really amazing. There are not a lot of fanfics available related to this topic but u were amazing I enjoyed reading it . it's the best I've read so far
8/17 c12 BlackAndBlueAndMaybePurple
8/17 c11 BlackAndBlueAndMaybePurple
Great story~
5/7 c15 20Alytiger
didn't like how dumbledore made the only toast when it's not even his party, thought that was rude
loved the present that james gave lily 3
5/6 c13 Alytiger
5/6 c12 Alytiger
it's time to kick ass and murder slytherins
5/6 c6 Alytiger
5/6 c5 Alytiger
5/6 c4 Alytiger
5/6 c1 Alytiger
this is cute
2/26/2019 c9 miaosari3
i know that this story has been out for a while and that i’m probably really late but i absolutely love this story! the way the characters behave and the overall plot of the story just seems so real. it’s like jk rowling herself intended the marauders story to go this way. i don’t feel like in reading a fan fic i feel as if this is an actual book or prequel to the original story of harry potter. it’s amazing it truly is and i hope you carry on to have the inspiration to finish this story. i love it. thank you.
8/5/2018 c14 3Spidey-phd
I swapped to this story following your Rat King/Orchid Thief series. I must confess that I was concerned about a repeat but this story has pleasantly surprised me.
James and Lily are usually such abstract stereo-typed characters. James is a mischievous protege. Lily is her generations Hermione. We, as readers, don't get much insight into who they really were a people, their challenges, trails, failures and triumphs. It is humbling to realize that smart, fierce, and loving Lily Potter, the archetypal Mother, could have been traumatized in school and struggled to deal with it, could have attempted to hide her "dirty secret" from friends and family. We expect our parents to be basically perfect although a few smudges and idiosyncrasies are allowed. You've reduced a mother to a human being - what a discomforting experience.
7/17/2018 c1 Guest
I think most forget that James, while he can be an arse, did eventually prove himself worthy. Excellent story.
3/24/2018 c7 Guest
This is amazing but Mulciber is just fucked up
3/7/2018 c26 sambayar
Great writing..a different story line..:]
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