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for Another Brother

1/27 c39 Guest
Ive read this story 3 times. I love that u dont brush off the minor characyers- u still take ur time, give them depth and work toward the next plot, intricately tying in what the gaang has to go through. This is one of my ultimate favorite stories and i would love if u ever had the time, to finish it.
10/27/2022 c39 Guest
I really do hope you come back and finish this. It's amazing!
9/14/2022 c39 Guest
What?! You can't just end it here! What happens next?
Let me start over.
I stumbled across this fic a week ago and haven't been able to put ot down. I love the indepth culture of the Water Tribes, the family bond, Zuko's water-dragon bending, the world you've built here. This AU is much darker than the original but I've fallen in love with the lights you've filled it with.
This fiction will be added to my favorites in my profile, and I eagerly await your next chapter. Please give us more!
5/29/2022 c39 12Cyan Quartz
You find yourself at the edge of a bright field of bone white grass. The scent of flowers is tainted with rotting vegetables. You spot a patch of pitch duo uno and a half feet away and leap for it.

The grass turns green, the smells return to that of life and the darkness transmogrifies into layering mats of wood, pyramid style. With a twitter two Blue Jays spiral above your shoulders and a weight rests around your neck. You place a palm to your chest and find a slip of metal. A coin? No. You raise it towards your face and flip it around. The inscription reads: "To the Lingering Star of this community; Author of Another Brother. You're numbah 1, baby!"
You perform a dab. You dab again. Dab. Dab. You throw out your arm. You're still number 1. Half-dab. Completion.
5/24/2022 c38 The One Who Reads Too Much
Well, I'm really sad to see there's only one more chapter, because this (slight) Toph x Zuko thing going on is pretty interesting, compared to the original one sided Toph > Sokka.
5/24/2022 c33 The One Who Reads Too Much
Oh gosh, you actually follow the Korra fanfiction show as canon, that explains a lot of the inconsistencies so far.
5/23/2022 c29 The One Who Reads Too Much
For all that Iroh was crying abuse and brainwashing against the Water Tribe, he sure has no reservations against using them himself.
5/23/2022 c27 The One Who Reads Too Much
I'm very confused as to why Iroh is so ignorant in this. In the canon timeline, Iroh didn't become the tea loving, jolly old Pai Sho playing(secret international cult member), waterbender knowing (where he learned to redirect lightning), proverb spouting, treason planning Iroh because he went on a trip with Zuko. It was because he was already those things that he went with Zuko in the first place.
5/23/2022 c26 The One Who Reads Too Much
I know this supposed to be a super serious scene and all, but Zuko getting "My honor!" PTSD was hilarious. Too many memes.
5/22/2022 c19 The One Who Reads Too Much
More Katara's need to be written like your Katara instead of Embers' caricatures.
5/22/2022 c13 The One Who Reads Too Much
Good, because if you left Toph hanging after that I think I might have had to do something drastic.
5/18/2022 c39 Erica
Where's the rest of it? It was great!:)
5/14/2022 c5 Cyan Quartz
Your Author Note was interesting. I suppose Airbenders would perish if thrown into a vacuum, but who wouldn't?
5/1/2022 c39 chalicity
I love rereading this - such a phenomenal story.I hope one day it will get updated again. 3
4/18/2022 c39 samusbot
Found this fic a couple days ago and just finished binging the whole thing. This is a fantastic read that makes me keep screaming "AAAAAAAHHH!" internally at every twist and turn.
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