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for Another Brother

5/7 c1 Dragonfire3647
This is so good! This is my favorite Zuko fanfiction! Love it!
5/6 c39 Arowen13
This is such a a great story. It's a shame it's left unfinished.
4/4 c9 Guest
Iroh should give him back the medal he gave him in the live action…he seems quite strong already
3/29 c39
What a cliffhanger haha. Love this story. Thanks author!
3/29 c38
It can‘t get any worse, can it? Great chapter!
3/29 c37
Of course Sokka would find him first. Excellent chapter!
3/29 c36
Reunion soon? Anyway this was great! I love how you incorporated Toph into the storyline. Great chapter!
3/29 c35
Poor Sokka. I like really like the concept of waterbenders in Ba Sing Se! Great episode!
3/29 c34
This is getting better and better. Great chapter!
3/29 c33
That is so cool. Great chapter!
3/29 c32
Yay, he‘s going to Toph! Great chapter!
3/29 c31
Didn‘t expect the dragon. Zukos flame is now almost golden? Interesting! Great chapter!
3/29 c30
You‘re evil. But honestly everything that happened is really in character for Iroh, so I can‘t even be mad at you. Excellent chapter!
3/29 c29
Zuko is going to properly (?) learn firebending, how exciting! Great chapter!
3/29 c28
Oh I love how much I just hate Ozai in this. Great chapter!
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