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for Another Brother

3/23 c26 25Kimmytrainer
Looks like Yue might survive so that Zuko can be with Suki. I hope so!

I must admit I don’t really like the time shifts in this chapter. They caught me by surprise. But the story is so fantastic I won’t complain. Thanks for writing 3
3/22 c16 Kimmytrainer
Nooooo I can’t believe you didn’t let Ji deliver the letter! :(((

This story is fantastic, I gotta keep reading :D
3/8 c39 Raiju001
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Dang it! This is like Empire Strikes Back levels of Cliffhanger at CH39! This is such a good story as well! Azula taking Sokka this way is rough. Yue lives and Sokka suffers personality death. Damnit balance sucks! Well written, and the interesting change is Azula's personality... the way you hint at lightning bending possibly causing sociopathy... did Zuko accidentally heal Azula's mind when he redirected her lightning? Did he potentially giver her back a sliver of empathy? I have favorited this story and even with the long times between updates, I thank you for an amazing read. This has been awesome and the lore you have built up in this works well. Kudos!
3/8 c39 11LivingInTheClouds
God my heart is breaking for the lot of them. Sokka... I really hope they can get him back. And just. All of this. I think the Earth King will be a lot more active now. The gaang are good kids. I just. Toph had to be so scared. And ugh. I cannot explain how much I loved these last couple chapters especially
3/8 c38 Raiju001
Awww no... out maneuvered again by the sociopath. Zuko you really need your memories back. Information is power and you are stubbornly refusing to cure your ignorance.
3/7 c36 Raiju001
It is interesting how the story changes yet still is believable when the outcome is similar at some of the same spots hit in the original story. Destiny, lessons, fate? And I am scared for Sokka. This is an AU and you have set it up for the worst possible death imaginable. Zombification. I see only 3 more chapters after this one. Thank you for this story and I hope life and your muse continue to help us see into this realm.
3/7 c33 Raiju001
Now that is an interesting thought... the Air nomads thought with portals!
3/7 c31 Raiju001
Woohoo! Dragon of the West! Your nephew is now the Hei-lung! Zuko is Water Tribe!
3/7 c30 Raiju001
Such is the game of thrones. And unless the death is onscreen and there is a body, I don't believe it is over. Great story! Wonderful AU and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here!
3/6 c18 Raiju001
Yikes! They are in it now! Zuko... good luck.
3/6 c10 Raiju001
Darn. Looks like my zutarra ship is done. He is her brother. Sigh. Iroh getting Momo... eh. AU us AU. Thank you for the story!
3/6 c6 Raiju001
Now that is some good lore there! And a wonderful balance of making benders have a weakness similar to something a far would experience. I like it! On to the next chapter!
3/6 c5 Raiju001
Well thought out on how the vending in the setting works! If I was a writer I might want to use (borrow... ok, fine, outright steal!) The idea! Thank you for the story!
3/6 c2 Raiju001
Now this is an interesting AU! And my inner Zutarra ship is sailing full steam at the possibilities... Thank you for this interesting story and I look forward to reading chapter 3 here shortly!
1/22 c39 Guest
Por favor termina la historia
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