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1/16 c39 KindahatethatImadethis
I very much hope that you continue this story because it’s been phenomenal so far
1/14 c20 KindahatethatImadethis
I’m really starting to dislike this Zuko for momo trade, because in all honesty momo has been way more useful
12/28/2021 c39 Charley1925
Hello AvocadoLove. I know it's been a year since you posted a new chapter, but I must say that, thus far, this is THE BEST Avatar fanfic I have read! And I don't way that lightly. Your use of characters and your world building is absolutely astounding, and your incorporation of new ideas like the sea dragons and different ways of bending elements is superbly done. Zuko's characterization is amazing and I love how he's still awkward and serious, but much happier and more content. I also love how he reacts when he sees Katara interacting with Aang. I love those scenes where he acts like he's vomiting. It doth tickle my humor.

I also love how Iroh's character is so different and yet so the same. Since Zuko 'died' he wasn't able to find solace in being Zuko's uncle and this made him retain his army general mentality more. His assumption that Hakoda was to blame for Zuko's scars on his eye and neck make perfect sense, but his indomitable will to protect Zuko remains the same, and I love it!

It was also really cool to get characterizations from Hakoda and I absolutely adored seeing little Zuko bond with little Katara and Sokka. It was just so precious and it made me really want to see this story adapted to television.

But one of the things that is most amazing about this story is your world building and continuity. Your ability to remember events from previous chapters and show how they affect new chapters is something you rarely see in fanfics, especially ones of this size. My heart broke for Song when all that was left of her village was Huei, her ostrich-horse. I really hoped that she and her family survived because I'm a sucker for ships. I also love how certain things that don't get explained in the show get explained in a fairly realistic way here. The idea that those pots of left-overs being meant to keep the serpents at bay in the serpent's pass? Brilliant! It shows that there are reasons for why things are the way they are. Those chapters where Zuko was on Iroh's ship and making friends with the younger crew? Wonderful! It broke my heart when their ship was sunk and I was hoping so much that they'd pop out in the water and Zuko would be able to save them and integrate them into the crew. But that would have made the story more complicated than it already is, so I'm just happy that they survived and that we might see them again at the Boiling Rock.

But what really surprised me was how the airbenders, in fact, DID survive the massacre. Having them escape and survive in the spirit world is such a spark of brilliance! I always thought that it was very unlikely that the fire nation truly exterminated the entire race. Try as you might, there would always be stragglers somewhere and they could learn to blend in just as well as Zuko and Iroh did in Ba Sing Se. I really hope we get to hear how they got to the spirit world and that Aang gets to meet them again, but wow, that was so cool.

What more can I say about this story? It truly stands above the rest. I'd wager that this fic would put some professional writer's to shame. You and your beta reader are truly something else. Now I know life is life and it's easy to get busy and let's this story go when there are more important things to do. I get it and it's fair. But if I may, I encourage you to keep writing. This story is something TRULY special. So much so I think you should try your hand at writing your own book, if you have the desire. But in the end, it is your choice. It makes me sad that this story hasn't been updated for a while, but at the same time, I'm happy this story exists. Whatever you choose, whether to continue the story or not, just know that you made something special.

God bless my good sir!

- Charley
11/20/2021 c39 Plasmagarou
Had a great reread! Jonezing for the next chapter again! Hope all is well!
11/18/2021 c39 Nana
Not me finding this fic in the year of 2021 and start reading it thinking it is complete, just for reach chapter 38 and realize that -Fuck- there is no more chapters. Nope. Haha...ha...ha...
Anyway! I'm late, but I love this and I really hope to see this complete in my lifetime on day because is so goddamn epic and amaizing, the way the character act and think, the descriptions, the plot, is all so perfect, exactly like the original ATLA, just a little bit to the left. I'm stunned by the fact that someone wrote all of this FOR FREE because this is a publishing level type of story! (And i know that in the recent years the level of published novels and books plummet, but I mean it as a compliment y'know, as in "You remeber me of the great authors of the past" type of things this whole fic feel really professional and polished).
Anyway, I don't know if you will ever see this, but I was bed-bounded this last 2 days and you made my days! Literally! I could smile and forget about the pain just by reading your story so kudos for that! I have so many questions and theorys right now... what about Sokka? Azula? Mei and Ty Lee? And what about Iroh and his travel with Gyatso? What did the monk mean? And let's not forget about Hadoka and Bato and Ozai and Ursa! What about Yue and Sokka? I really hope they are endagame and about that: Suki? At first I thought you would pair her with Zuko but now there is Mai and I Am Conflicted. Is Suki death? I hope note! And Jet? Is Her death? Brainwashed? (Loved how you showed the consequences of never meeting thw gaang in first place). And obviusly Thop parents and the marriage!
Anyway, so many questions, so much more to read that have not jet been written, aaaaaahhhhhhh!
I'm going to think of this fic for the rest of my life, am I? *sigh*
I go sleep now, maybe that's better than rambling like this.
11/20/2021 c6 mickeysofine
I'm not sure I like this sort of vulnerability of fire benders.
11/12/2021 c17 1realfan16
Captain: aye anything you want under the sun I'll get it for ya ofc for the right price *eyes glinting*
11/11/2021 c4 realfan16
this boy was on fire, fire, fire. He's walking in fire,fire fire
11/11/2021 c15 realfan16
YES, Maestro move right there prince Hiro.i like that
11/6/2021 c1 A fan
This was a really interesting and impressive start! I’m looking forward to reading the other chapters.
I love the image of Zuko slapping flames with his palm to put them out.
11/5/2021 c1 realfan16
very interesting debut let's hope the end will meet up the same standardsquite convenient for fire to "lose" his memories right in the beginning hein?
10/27/2021 c38 moonjellymusic
Arms and legs!
(The Film Reroll is so much fun!)
10/10/2021 c39 11Redbookbluebook
I for sure thought Sokka's mind bending was going to be disrupted midway through; it's devastating that he's under Azula's control. I hope Katara can fix him. This chapter was so good! I wondered how Toph was going to learn metal bending, and I love how you made that happen. I also have really enjoyed Katara being with the waterbenders and learning from them. I love this story; so happy to read more of it, and after that ending I can't wait for the next one!
9/17/2021 c35 LiSao420
well, the swambending part was pretty racist
9/14/2021 c39 Maddam Hatter
Can you please update, I would like to find out if they rescue Sokka.
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