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2/17/2013 c2 Guest
i love this i hope you update soon please
8/12/2010 c2 The Auric Healer
*Starry eyed* Continue? Please? This is AWESOME! You have grammar faults? Wow. I never noticed. I suppose I was to caught up in the story's awesomeness to care.

I love the way you've developed Bee. Slowly but surely you're making her care. Though I wonder when the scene from the first chapter in the previous tale will pop up.

I'm excited to see this contunied.

Well done, and thank you for writing this. It's been a pleasure.
6/2/2010 c2 7CaribbeanTrinidadian
please post more
5/29/2010 c2 72- CurlyLocks -72
Hey, I absoluetly love this story and its first. I have just found them and read them straight. Yet, i wonder and hope, if you will be continueing them. You are a great writer and i hope that you do :)
9/28/2009 c2 6jada951
What a unique story! When I read the first chapter, of the other, I almost didn't read further, because it seemed so different from anything else I have read. And I read a lot.

Fortunately, I continued on and Aaron's story, her mannerisms, her way of not taking anyone's shit is actually refreshing!

I like so many parts of the story it's hard to say which is better. It's all quite good and imaginative.

I'm sorry to see that you haven't written more on this story, but maybe you will sometime soon.

I glanced at your other titles and didn't think there was another person around who liked, LOTR, HP and WWE!

Happy writing!

5/11/2009 c1 Carmen
Hi! I just wanted to say that i love this story and that i hope you update really fast! (sorry for the mistakes, english isn't my first language) XD
8/27/2008 c1 WishingWanderer
Please,please write soon. It's not fair that you left it with a clif for so long.
8/8/2008 c1 noa171
Hello XinnLajgin.

I just wanted to say that I really like your stories, and I'm glad that you coontinued it,despite some critical remark of some peoples.Futhemore I'm eager to read what come next, i've becomed fond of your main character (Kennonomoi), her reactions are very interessting.I hope to see the next chapters soon,and I thank-you for your work.

ps : sorry for the englisch, i'm not good at writting it
8/5/2008 c1 1EchoedShadows
You left off at the WORST part! I really can't wait 'til your update!
7/28/2008 c1 555LordBacon666
We! Continuation! I love this story tis so badass, keep writing!

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