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for Fulfilling Obligations

2/1 c50 oliviagarcia07
thank you for this wonderful story :)
12/18/2021 c50 Sam
Fulfilling Obligations is one of my favorite hhr stories of all time, I wish you returned with the last chapters. I still have faith that you'll find time to work on them. Hope you're safe and healthy!
11/27/2021 c50 sanafb27
You have written an amazing fiction... But why so long breaks... Please take some time out and finish it off at once...
Thanks for the amazing story.
11/8/2021 c1 Guest
50 chapters and you’re still not fucken finished
10/31/2021 c19 aerolithos
So beautiful
8/24/2021 c50 sherriithewriter
What a story! So good! When something you read can alternately bring joy, terror, sadness and love, you have done your job as a writer. Thank you for your time and talent. I am sure I am not alone in wishing and hoping you finish this story.
8/1/2021 c50 Guest
That has to take the cake for the most frustrating place I’ve seen a fic be abandoned/put on hiatus. What an absolutely brutal cliffhanger
4/17/2021 c41 Guest
That was heartbreaking, how could they do it...so sad. They need to fix things and be together.
3/28/2021 c50 Guest
Two years since your last update and still waiting...
3/10/2021 c50 GEORGIE
OMG please come back, I hadn't realized that the story was not complete and please don't kill Hermione!
3/5/2021 c37 sushantkumar1997
This chapter has me shouting f**k at every few paras. I took like 4 hours to read this chapter because I stopped at a lot of moments to just register what has happened. Such a well plotted story. Kudos to the writer.
1/2/2021 c50 Guest
This story is so good, and the cliffhanger! Please if you are ok update, loved it!
12/14/2020 c50 MAB30
I know its been almost two years and you probably just don’t have the time to write. Just hoping and trying to make sure you are well given the pandemic. I know it maybe be a pointless request since I dont know you but I hope you see this and reply so that I know you are alive and well. Thanks btw for such an amazing story.
12/13/2020 c50 Sam
Wow...I totally loved your story! The way you've built Harry's and Hermione's relationship without rushing anything up is really great. Many readers avoid affair fanfics but our heroes are so true to their characters afterwards in this story and what led them to this point is so well written that even the most skeptical ones would definitely like it. Both of them are adults with flaws and passions, not the 17-year-old students we read about in the books.
Personally I loved the Rose twist and really can't wait to find out if she ever gets to know the truth. However, I believe that Ron shouldn't find out, it would break everyone down. Victoire is also lovely, her relationship with Hermione is so great and I could always tell that she knew something was on between Harry and Hermione. Same goes for Luna too of course.
I hope you are able to update soon. Thank you for these fantastic 50 chapters!
12/2/2020 c38 Don Draper's Bitch
The two are now making me mad (and kind of hate them). They are being so damn selfish (the audacity of Hermione being angry at Ron's rightful anger especially when she cheated and the baby isn't his). It's not easy but it is right. They need to tell their spouses.
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