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for 25 Ways to Irritate Black Cat Characters

2/11/2009 c6 ZTX
"Sing “Baby Beluga” by Raffi at his funeral."

ROFLMAO. *dies*
2/9/2009 c10 17KatyaChekov
Poor Xiao Li! T.T I liked Kranz's, though. The one thing I'm fuzzy on for Baldor is the location of his tattoo. I forgot. But I liked the others. :)
2/2/2009 c9 KatyaChekov
-sneaks up behind Echidna- Moleymoleymoley... -is immediately shot- :D

You've got some good ones in there, though I personally don't get all of the culture references, you haven't lost your touch.
1/5/2009 c8 1x x C A P A C I T Y
Rawfulmao. I adored this. Make more chapters when possible~

Anyways, I'm actualy really suprised they haven't all come at you... have you told them about this yet o.o? You might want to before they stumble upon it and tear you to shreads with their weapons of mighty rainbowness... Anyways, loved it and couldn't stop laughing.
10/28/2008 c8 71Anise Nalci
This is hilarious! I especially like Sven's, Train's, Eve's, Rinslet's, Jenos' and Belze's.

(That's a lot!)
10/21/2008 c8 17KatyaChekov
Chronos elders, meh, but the others are funny. XD
10/21/2008 c8 24Arizo
Ha ha, now these are all highly hilarious

Ooh can you do Echidna, Leon, or some other members of the AOTS(Apostles of the Stars) next
10/19/2008 c7 49CodeejoisXCareBear
I laughed reading each one, PLZ continue, I want to know how to Torture Durham! lol
10/14/2008 c7 24Arizo
Ha ha that was funny
10/14/2008 c7 17KatyaChekov
I don't get the last one. What's wrong with Canadian prescription drugs?

Otherwise, some cruel, some cute. Very interesting.
9/5/2008 c6 3Escape my reality
This is the most genius thing ever invented! it rules . i am laughing so hard right now
8/19/2008 c2 17KatyaChekov
Some of these are iffy, most are hilarious! :D
8/19/2008 c1 KatyaChekov
Nice. Very nice.
8/4/2008 c6 FacelessNameless
"Ask him if he got that glove from Michael Jackson."

Or maybe OJ?

That was great! I suggest a Charden chapter. Imagine the possibilities presented by that hat of his.
8/3/2008 c6 24Arizo
To the idea of Rinslet doing something with add Sephiria and Echidna
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