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7/18/2011 c6 1sliverstrikerwolf
My all time favorite chapter.
12/6/2010 c7 6AndromedaeStarStorm69
Hi!Awesome story.BUT I would have liked to have seen the Cyclonian half maybe wear off the crystal,but Cyclonis doesn't know and shoots Aerrow.Or Finn.Whatever.That would be great.And my Storm Hawks self is Finn's twin sister Amber.She is a heck of a lot less annoying.Little Blue Dolphin.
12/15/2009 c7 2Kajskk
Well Not only do we seem to share the interest for Storm Hawks but also for Piper as the number one Storm Hawk. Nice fanfic you written here. I just miss a better ending to be honest. But cute and really interesting there when Cyclonis made her a beast :D
8/27/2009 c7 5Dieced
You're planning a sequel, right? 'Cause I'm still wondering about the mystery man from the end of chapter five. Oh, and great story!
3/19/2009 c7 7Taeniaea
Great Story
11/29/2008 c7 36kisa-kara-chan
This was a really good story! You should MOST DEFINATELY right a sequel to it. Hope you do! Don't mind the Twilight-ness of the ending, it was awesome! PLEASE write a sequel! LOL keep up the great work!
10/28/2008 c1 4S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bane
This is good! Its really really good! Write more!
8/19/2008 c7 2o.O Xiaonikki O.o
So Cute update soon =D

yay Aerrow & Piper cutness

o.O Xiaonikki O.o
8/15/2008 c7 4Tawnyfur
Aww, I loved this chapter! So fluffy and delectable. Cute bit with the heart rate. Aerrow is so mischievous. What's he tryin' to do, kill her? xD Ha, he made her heart stop. So adorable.

In all of the stories I've read, everyone loves to tell Aerrow he's a dense moron of sorts. xD Still lovin' it. *rolls eyes* Honestly, Aerrow always wants her to sleep after something bad happens to her. Crazy boyfriend . . .

Finn. When you first said that doctor was a woman, I knew he would hit on her. Idiot. Perfectly in-character for him.

Aerrow is so flirtatious . . . I like it! Excellent job, quite an entertaining story. ^^

8/13/2008 c7 1Halo Kyuubi Girl
yay! i loved this story! but what did that person mean when he said, "so she's alive after all these years, well we'll just have to fix that" or something like that?
8/10/2008 c7 2Raeyvn
aw... that was so cute!
8/8/2008 c7 49DevilsAngelSaphire
WHO! Way to go PiPER! Call your leader a moron! WHOO! * clapps hands* Sorry, I had a bit of suger.

Piper: Try a gallon of sugar.

Me: I only had one... gallon... * laughs*

Piper: Why don't yopu go do something useful.

Me: Nah. I wanna READ! Latah Dude.
8/5/2008 c6 3Aerrow4Ever
orange eyes? who has orange eyes? ah evil wolfy piper! bt nice chapter!

by the way, where did u take a 'what animal are you' test?

8/5/2008 c6 49DevilsAngelSaphire
Very nice! Very nice! I loved it. update soon.
8/4/2008 c6 5TheChromeDog
-thinks back-

Wait...how'd the first book end?...

-reads the ending of Twilight-


Anywho, great chapter! Great song to go with it too :D

~SW ^.=.^

PS- I'm sorry I didn't reply to your pm...for some reason, it wouldn't let me pm you back...^^;
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