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8/24/2014 c1 11M71
Nice to see a story about a less overpowered character! I would have liked to see him attempting to kill an orc after the door breaks, but dying in the fight that ensued. Great story!
10/14/2012 c1 12Sonyvaio
Cool story
12/13/2011 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very well written.
12/27/2010 c1 somebody
This is not a review just my opinion. If I were Theoden this is living in those days this is how I would send people to the battle. First I would send in only abled bodied men. If there are not enough then I would send in old men (the ones who can still fight) and older boys like 12 and 13 year olds only not little ones like 7 and 8 year olds. If I was forced to choose between sending adult women or little boys 6 to 8 to battle, I would send in adult women. However, if I was forced to choose between sending little girls of 6 to 8 or little boys of 6 to 8 only then would I send in little boys.
10/21/2010 c1 ijfsfla
Hi everybody. (not a review just a message)

I really believe that those that king Theoden sent to fight with the soldiers were ordinary men, plus old men and boys around 12 years old. I don't think he would make boys around 6 or 8 fight. I also don't he would make old men who are to sick to fight to fight either. I don't think he wanted to protect full grown women more than little children. I hope he didn't.
8/7/2009 c1 jffsjs
Good description. I know Theoden had boys fight too. I hope they were at least older boys around 12 and 13 and not smaller boys around 7 and 8. If battles are frightening for a grown man than it would be too much for a small child. Besides a small child would stand no chance against an urak who is three feet taller. They were also a lot taller than hobbits but these hobbits weren't children and they were probably stronger than human children.
4/4/2009 c1 GroveStreetOG
Great story. Nice to see a story about one of the unsung warriors and not Aragorn. Nice touch of irony too. That would hurt like hell though!
7/24/2008 c1 The Harvest
I loved this! Its so refreshing to read a story with an original character who isn't a Mary Sue. Well done.

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