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11/24/2020 c18 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
This feels like there should be a sequel to the story. Lol
11/24/2020 c20 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
It's funny how the ACTUAL End, in canon, is very beautiful and romantic -in my view-.

But I won't say more, just in case you haven't read End Game yet.
1/22/2015 c20 26Caricature of a Witch
I seriously love this story. It's beautiful and very well written and absolutely awesome, and it's really a pity you didn't get to finish it. But thank you for posting the summary. (I prefer the first ending actually... Yeah, yeah, hopeless romantic, whatever. But it's so sweet. And I don't like Batman and Catwoman as a serious couple. So... first ending. Or last one. But the whole story is great!)
12/25/2014 c20 wolf-akuma
Interesting summaries, but I really liked the Romeo and Juliet ending. Great story overall! You are a great writer, but maybe someday you could start to write again.
2/11/2013 c20 Guest
Wtf that was so messed up fuck you
6/15/2011 c20 8wantaco79
It's a shame you couldn't finish this story, but hopefully everyone understands. This was a wonderful read and I enjoyed every second of it! The three endings were all fantastic as well.
3/2/2011 c20 6Viviane Renard
I've really enjoyed your story. You write a Batman/Joker story as it should be-a competition and struggle against each other. Even if there's a little lustful desire mixed in, there's still a lot more blood and fist-fighting to their relationship! I'm sad to see you decided to end it early, but I am glad that you gave us such a nice, detailed summary to let us know what would have happened. Keep up the good work!
12/15/2010 c17 Tyl3r Berry
Cant wiat till the good stuff comes!If you catch me drift? *wink* *wink*
7/29/2010 c19 3Moon6Shadow
simply AMAZING story and I really hope you start writing (on FF) again some day.


P.S. Just a hint though some writers only update a story every few months, every half year or more. If a story/chapter is good enough it doesn't really matter how much you update (although a lot of people would argue differently ;) as long as you do update eventually. So no pressure if you do want to pick up the pen again some day or in this case keyboard ;)
9/4/2009 c4 dewdiamond101
hey, just a suggestion for if you ever write another joker slash; why don't you use the song "Words from the Asylum ", by Emilie Autumn. : )
4/19/2009 c19 2the sadistic homicidal child
...I'm not going to lie. I'm fucking pissed. But! I'm also very understanding. I hope that whatever is troubling you passes and that perhaps you'll one day start writing this again. If you don't, I would love a summary of what should have been.

It was great reading your story. It was the highlight of my day on several occasions.
4/18/2009 c19 The Wandering Cat
I'll miss the story, but oh well Life happens.

Thanks for the great you. :)
4/18/2009 c19 1Astaris
Thanks for the author's note, and good luck with these insane changes in your life. :]
4/17/2009 c19 Kemowitch92
Well I understand the how fast things can hit you by suprise so no worries about upsetting me at least lol. I hope you are alright and nothing really bad has happened. I did enjoy your writting do you think you'll ever get back to it?
3/14/2009 c18 5beeminionjeran
Yum :3 Ha that chapter was hell lot of sexy. But i hope Brucie will see more Jack or Joker in him should it come to things like that. Screw Wiley! Ok it makes sense, sticking to the truth that Bruce hates the Joker. But i can't get that bar-scene out of my head. Even if he didn't knew what hes doing back then,
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