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8/6/2020 c58 Drsquirrel
I’m so glad you’ve started this up again! It’s so absurd and absolutely hilarious. Can’t wait to see what Malfoy does. I hope Fred and George make him do some Backstreet Boys style dancing though!
8/1/2020 c56 2CeruleanDreamCat
I really forgot how wild this fic was.
Now I kinda need to read it again
8/1/2020 c54 CeruleanDreamCat
I am so happy that this fic is back!
7/31/2020 c56 Guest
Draco should dump Hermione's ass, inviting the guy she fucked to his bachelor party and then to hers.
7/30/2020 c56 Pjyenn
Yep like I said the tag should be called Hermione granger and Gregory Goyle not Draco Malfoy. Really make me sad...oh well
7/30/2020 c56 43Lady Fairy Moth
Queitly chanting have sex with Fred lol
7/30/2020 c56 Three-Seven-13
wow that reveal from Goylewasn't expecting that but I love it! also enjoyed this chapter! All kinds of fun!
the party seems like it's just starting and I can't wait to hear what craziness and fun the gang get up to!
7/30/2020 c56 3xXAnime AquamarineXx
I just know that this night is already going to be such a mess and I am already clutching my pearls. Malfoy getting jealous was pretty much a done deal. The question is, who will Hermione end up with at the end of the night? Especially now that Goyle has confessed that he's been in love with her. Malfoy has got competition. This is getting intense.
7/27/2020 c55 Pjyenn
This should be called Goyle and Hermione not dramione...just saying
7/26/2020 c55 SpaceKace
I’ve missed Goyle! He’s a quality character in this madcap story! Thanks so much for the update!
7/26/2020 c55 4sadevotchka
Now I'm in the mood for chinese takeout. Excellent chapter as always. I'm looking forward to these bachelor party and goyles return.
7/26/2020 c55 excitedtoread
Another update so soon? This is awesomeeeeeee! Thank you for giving this to us. Love the jealous Malfoy cause of Hermione's interaction with Fred or Goyle. I can't wait to see Goyle come back! Hopefully we'll see more of Malfoy moving towards the direction of not avoiding Hermione as much!
7/26/2020 c54 excitedtoread
OMG! You're back! I missed your writing style! Chapter was amazing as always! You're so good at writing humor and I miss the characters too! Lol, Malfoy is whining about getting married!
7/26/2020 c55 3GreekGirl
the only story where I find Goyle appealing in a bizarre way hahaha
7/26/2020 c27 43Lady Fairy Moth
No joke rereading this 11 years after first time? I got queasy thinking of Malfoy screwing Hermione’s mom .
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