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8/9/2008 c6 5Hyper Blood Pixie
8/8/2008 c5 10esthermarie
tee hee revenge! lol...

"can't wait to see the revenge!"

lmao! :D love it update soon baybay!


yes. i posted reviews! yay! you'll see your email and think more people read it. but it's only me! :D lol. i still love you! :D
8/8/2008 c4 esthermarie
hah! i hope we don't run into any 'jessicas' on saturday! that would be funny! i can't wait to see who is still stuck in high school! lol...

anyways! love it love it adore it! love you! :D
8/8/2008 c3 esthermarie
wow. poor bella! james is way to creepy! you captured him well! good job!
8/8/2008 c2 esthermarie
yeah! what's up with the late beta thanks! sheesh! lol. jk. loved it as i told you when i read the hand written part! i love carlisle!
8/8/2008 c1 esthermarie
poor bella! that score card is really mean! what if no one wants her! what will she do! oh wait there is always newton! :D
8/7/2008 c5 2vampiresrok
luv the update it is great
8/6/2008 c5 13zombiebounce
love it, updatre soon
8/6/2008 c5 12blonde-gal
Edward and Bella bonded over planning torture for their friends. That's definitely a story to tell the grandchildren. Edward needs to teach Bella how to play the piano. Great chapter. Update Soon!
8/6/2008 c5 4bleachedalbino
Wow! That was marvelous!
8/6/2008 c5 SilentlyBitten17
i love your story. UPDATE SOON
8/6/2008 c5 4SWEET-STUFF063
an update like you promised :)!

And first of all, it was so cute and well written :)

And second.. I can't wait to see what Edward and bella do!
8/6/2008 c5 3wantingedwardcullen
aw! thats so sweet! i think my favorite part was when bella turned her head and they kissed!
8/6/2008 c5 12Breathlessly Wicked
lol Bella being bold! Go Bella!:D Update soon!

Siy Rowling?
8/6/2008 c5 20distorted realities
Oh I love this!
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