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10/11/2015 c1 8CarpeDiem46231
Omg I read this and I love it! I loved it even more when I saw your name is Alice, my name is Alice too, and I LOVE the Peter Pan 2003 movieXD
7/9/2015 c3 2Rigantona
Sweet! Nice! Loved this! Thanks for writing this!
8/6/2013 c2 CaptainSunshine
Ok if that flamer has nothing better to do than insult people's work all day then he is pathetic and has some serious problems. I happen to love your user name. And i loved this fanfiction. Very well written. And ignore that stupid jerk. You're awesome. :)
6/5/2013 c2 123Book girl fan
That wasn't a nice thing for them to do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but remarks on a story shodl be limited to the story, not to the person who wrote it. Making personal remarks on someone you don't know is horrible.
7/8/2011 c3 1mangamichelle12
i love the story im going start reading ur stories :]
2/6/2011 c3 Anonymous
AAWW THE WAS...beautiful
11/8/2010 c2 icecreamgal
I am so sorry about what that person said. He / She is probobaly just some dweeb sitting at his comuter in his parents basement. In fact I love your stories! They are amazing! I mean it you should be poud of your accomplishments. I would have a fanfic but i am a year too young. Keep on writing! See ya!
7/3/2010 c3 Eevee and Leafeon
I love the story! That flamer is so stupid! and really mean! By the way, I love you username!
1/20/2010 c3 28Unknownred
aw ok i did read it. sorry. but yea its really good. haha. oh and did u make the lyrics/poem one? its really good and did actually match. haha. oh the first chap was a bit shocking for me but then i realized they were grown...haha im so slow. my b, oh well, anyways...i thought it was really really good. keep it up with all ur stories!
12/6/2009 c3 2i'm not ulysses
Awh, I loved their thimbling in the first chapter. ;)

I also loved the soaring of the two in the second, like the adding of song lyrics too! Nice touch!

Thanks so much for sharing this. :3
3/24/2009 c2 3Rose-Jane
That flame is terrible! I think u r a wonderful writer and I love this story, that reviewer is a total idiot.
12/30/2008 c2 12stargazer528
Ok that flamer is a fucking idiot! who cares if Hitler was nice to his dog or didn't treat women like crap so what HE TRIED TO GET RID OF THE ENTIRE JEWISH PEOPLE! HE IS A MONSTER! He did not leave the Israel Jews alone and if he did it was probably only because he knew if he messed with them they blow his fucking brains out! WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT BELIEVES THAT HITLER WASN'T THE WORST MAN IN HISTORY! HOW STUPID CAN THAT PERSON BE!... DEAR GOD I'M SURROUNDED BY COMPLETE MORONS! But this story is really good
12/30/2008 c3 Pen-Pal-T.T

You have to its to good!
12/30/2008 c2 Pen-Pal-T.T
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

By The Way I Love Your Story!
12/22/2008 c3 5PassionateWriter07
Well done! Very very good! I'm so sorry about the flamer too, he was so wrong. Stereotypes are terrible, people should know that.

Very awesome story, thank you very much!
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