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9/17/2019 c5 KP
Please update I have been waiting for this fic to update for ages and it’s so good. I’d hate to see it not finished
10/7/2015 c1 4RaziOUAT
Well I know its been a few years since you wrote this.. But.. Dang it.. The story was getting good. Shame you never finished it.. Maybe you will some day..
10/5/2011 c5 12seekerchasing
i was really loving this story- i don't suppose that, uh, three years later you have any plans to continue...?
10/2/2008 c1 Guest
Really love the plot, please continue this! I see you haven't updated in awhile, please don't quit this I want to see what happens! *gets on knees and begs* PLEASE update!
9/7/2008 c5 15BadWolfIsMe
o! the plot thickens!
9/6/2008 c5 341RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley
this is fantastic i can't wait to see what you have planned
9/5/2008 c5 6Hana no Sutoomu
i really wont to know whats going to happen to rose and micky.
8/14/2008 c4 Hana no Sutoomu
aww. i had hope when jack came along and then they just get captured again and my hope was demolished, so sad.
8/14/2008 c4 15BadWolfIsMe

the plot bunnies deffiatly won that one i think!

omg! i wonder what's happening...

don't be too long keeping me in suspense!

can't wait to read more!

8/3/2008 c3 Ana
Well, I don't know what happened to my last review but I can assure you that it was more than three words, lol. So here's the cliff notes version:

The quote, made me aww for three weeks, lol. I loved the relationship between Jack and the Doctor and how they take care of Rose. And your plot, the saddness of those poor people on this planet, brilliant. Also, the fluff was wonderful. Loved it! :D
8/3/2008 c3 BadWolfIsMe
another brilliant update!

personally, i think the bit of plot you had in there was fantastic, and the fluff wasn't to... y'know... fluffy... lol

it was all just right.

god, i hope that made sense. don't worry about trying to interpret that if it didn't... you will be there for far to long!


keep up the great work and don't be long uploading the next chapter!

8/2/2008 c3 6Hana no Sutoomu
yay a little bit of fluffiness in this chapter. an't wait to read more.
8/2/2008 c3 Ana
"I am now"
7/30/2008 c2 Hana no Sutoomu
awsome story. can't wait to read more. is rose going to find out about bad wolf by any chance?
7/30/2008 c2 Ana
Oh, a cliffhanger. I do love a good cliffhanger. It's not Martha is it? The screaming I mean? *Attempts to look innocent*

I really enjoyed this update, and you're very welcome for the review, I'm enjoying it. I like how it's different from what we saw, and I like that you're keeping Rose away from Doctor Two. Granted, I like the boy, but sometimes I just wish...things had gone differently, lol.

Speaking of Rose, poor lass - she's gonna be fairly upset, I imagine, when she finds out the truth about Jack. Loved the scenes between her and Jack, btw. And then her and the Doctor, with the toaster - very cute.

Again, the characters are perfect and I look forward to see where you take this :)
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