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for Moonlight Over Lake Galilee

10/8/2022 c1 VirReturnsFromMinbar
Very well written.
8/16/2008 c1 Daughter of Eve 101
I saw the summary of this and froze. Four years ago, my grandparents took me to Israel as a confirmation gift (I'm Lutheran, so that put the trip during my 8th grade year) - during Easter break. One of the most vivid memories of that trip was staying on the east shore of the Galilee (right across from Tiberius, actually) and looking out over the water. It was night, the moon was almost full, and I was walking outside of our cabin-hotel on the pebbled beach. Seeing Tiberius sparkling across the sea like... I don't know, a vision of the past? "A city on a hill cannot be hidden" came to my mind. And then I realized that Jesus might have been standing as I was, two-thousand years ago, pondering similar things. It was one of those moments that makes your heart soar whenever you think about it. Cliched, but I thought I'd share since your memories reminded me of my trip.

I'm sorry to hear you got rained out of Beersheba and Masada! That must have been rough.
8/5/2008 c1 apenamee
This is beautiful, Beth! I'd like to see more.
8/4/2008 c1 226Zaedah
Okay, so there's absolutely nothing fictional about Jesus. And no, there are no 'characters' appearing in this fic. But I have not a single problem with this being here. After all, if we are limited to fictionalizing what believers see as truth, then why have the category here?

For those who can only dream of visiting this place where God touched down and touched us, having this brief glimpse into your trip is food for the soul. Pictures must seem flat compared to the visions in your memory. Treasure them, dearest! I thank you for making this available right here for us to see.
7/27/2008 c1 9Doranwen
I liked reading this, but I have to wonder whether it belongs here-or over at FictionPress. The guidelines for this site separate all "non-fanfiction literary works" to FictionPress instead. This may mention a place where Jesus lived or walked-but it's a real-life location, much as a regular fiction book mentions Seattle or New York City; a story about visiting the places in that book would not entail fanfiction, even though the places are shared. In order to be fanfiction, it would have to deal with the characters or events in the Bible (such as a story from Peter's POV about how he felt during the storm on the Sea of Galilee), and this does not. Therefore I don't think your story really belongs at this site. Please move it to FictionPress. :)
7/27/2008 c1 49Jo Z. Pierce
Beth, where to start!

So nice to read your modern day travelogue. I had seen your photos posted elsewhere, but this was a lovely description of your travels.

As someone who has been traveling to the Middle East since I was 16, this was so interesting to read. I am also amazed at how different our experiences were - not only shaped by what we did while we got there, but how we got there, and more importantly, WHY we got there.

Yes, the Pilgrimage. What a motivator!

I really liked your description of the road to Aqaba, and how you compared and contrasted it to Lawrence's trek. I found that to be the central part of the story (for me, at least) and how movements and pilgrimage and all the motivations for travel in the Middle East have changed so dramatically, yet are still in many ways defined by the landscape. Some see that landscape as the physical landscape, others see it as the historical. And for you it is a spiritual landscape.

Maybe I am projecting my own view on this, but after all, that's what good writing does!

I would love to see you expand on this, or write about some of your other travels. You may even inspire me to write about some of my own.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

7/26/2008 c1 NobodyKnows42
I truly envy your travels, and I wish I get an opportunity like this someday.

Lovely, vivid imagery here, and excellent work on everything else.


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