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9/9/2011 c9 Darkcrest27
very good story. hoping you will continue
7/27/2010 c9 rinv
When will you update?
8/7/2009 c9 RhiannonGrey
Great stuff! I hope you keep it up.
3/31/2009 c9 11Shianelle

God! I can't understand why this story hasn't got many more reviews! It's brilliant!

I adore the whole family dynamic, although the French was awkward in the earlier chapters. I'm glad you added the translations later on as the story went along, it made things much more readable. Especially since it was a big part of how they all interacted.

I loved reading Xander's reaction to Whistler. I've wanted to see that so many times!

1/14/2009 c9 gaul1
good chapter, interesting news with tara, keep up the good work, byes
1/8/2009 c9 9gibby101
If Xander and co. come to the capital will Tara see/recognize them? huh? 'cause that would be awesome for Xander to see another familiar face in Space. (haha that rhymes! lolz)

Can't wait for more, updates soon plz and thank you!

1/7/2009 c9 RamiNeko
Yes! I've been waiting for a new chapter! And I can't wait to see Tara's role in the story! I'm so excited!

1/7/2009 c9 176Firehedgehog
Tara... as in Taea Tara?
1/7/2009 c9 1Bobboky
11/19/2008 c8 5xDelta-Ha-chanx
8/24/2008 c8 RamiNeko
Go Xander! Death to the Powers That Be!

Great chapter, and as usual I'm eagerly awaiting the next update.
8/24/2008 c8 RubyDream
8/23/2008 c8 1Bobboky
: )

I do wonder why you have different titles for this fic on different sites.
8/6/2008 c7 Bobboky
: )
8/5/2008 c6 Bobboky
: )
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