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for the romance continues

11/27/2014 c25 2Kamisama no angel
My! I love ur stories. I am waiting for up next. Though, its sad ur stories r short. But i really enjoy them. Ja, i am hoping sum fun of beach.
1/18/2013 c1 Eren Ackerman wife of levi
so cute and lovey

4/8/2012 c4 yuppienah
good job! :)
5/12/2010 c23 GoldieFlow
sorry for not reviewing every chapters you wrote but i dont know what to write because every chapters in your story is good! swear! in your note it seems you dont have any idea to continue this, i hope you find a good plot to continue this because i'm waiting dor the next chapter :) and sorry for the bad english hehe
5/12/2010 c13 GoldieFlow
i love this chapter since aoi is my second favourite character because he's so cool (yeah i've seen the second season when i read this chapter) but my favourite among them is that hottie len ;)
1/4/2010 c21 5Exquisiteshine
that was great.

1/3/2010 c21 CherryShore
Mm sexy xD

lol. I hope your next chap comes out soon(:

btw, are they actually gonna do IT in the later chapters?

Lol xD hehe
1/3/2010 c21 11solusviscus
Khu khu khu... Len-kun is jealous, isn't he ?

Woow.. An aggressive Len? That was interesting. update please ^^
12/14/2009 c19 1PrayerSenshi
the hihara thing was hilarious!
10/16/2009 c1 1Jillian West
keep up the excellent work! =)

please update soon! :)
9/30/2009 c17 1PrayerSenshi
happens every month? what does that mean? did i miss something?
9/29/2009 c17 1dhidi-chan
Update soon please? ^^
9/29/2009 c17 11solusviscus
Is Kahoko pregnant? *got a smack on the head*

Just kidding. Update ^^
8/26/2009 c16 Isabella Evania
i'm waiting for d next chapter! i'm so curious.. i really want to know what'll happen to Len & Kaho's relationship! ^ ^

good luck with ur writing! surprise me! =3 XDD XP GBU
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