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6/10 c11 blazingwaffle
Gonna have to drop it here, there's some good ideas but the problem is a lack of plot urgency. I'm struggling for the reason to really invest into your version of this world and its characters.

Nothing is sticking and making me say, "wow I wonder what happens next!"

I think with some decent revisions or a rewrite you could immensely improve this fic. Cheers and I wish for the best.
4/25 c1 thyhyuga
I cannot feel any emotion in this story. Try to act the interaction in real life, its cringy. There is also a lot of unnecessary scene. If Im going to give an advice, that would be 1) Make this Naruto a little cheerful 2) Make the scene upbeat 3) Remove the awkward interaction.
4/20 c10 ThunderousNaruto
At first I thought that I wouldn't like this story, but now I really love it. This is one of my new top 3 favorite naruto stories.
4/16 c7 shedges19
you going to do more of this
3/14 c1 Shreck879
2/8 c3 Guest

1- kushina has long silky RED hair not brown

2- kushina was a high S rank elite jonin known as "The Red Death" she would never lose to mere chunin and have her son kidnapped right under her nose.
11/16/2020 c1 lastkissfan
the paring destroyed the fanfic, thank you
11/12/2020 c32 Pro writer that we all like
AMAZING STORY! However...:

1. Fix grammar errors.
2. Iwa and Kumo are NOWHERE NEAR each other. It's a 3 day trip from the land of earth to the land of lightning and you have to pass throug
10/24/2020 c32 KidneyZero
Great story
9/15/2020 c32 Alim fanficker1
good best fanfic thanks admin
9/5/2020 c1 4Tenjo
Aaaand this romance story is already horrible. She is wondering if Naruto (a baby) will grow up to be ‘the one’, and that thought it solely because he’s the son of the man she fantasises about. Why would Naruto want to date someone who has a thing for his dad? Why would he date someone who only wants him because he looks like his dad? That’s disgusting.
9/5/2020 c1 Tenjo
Why do feminists have to forcibly inject sexism into fictional worlds that have no sexism of any kind? Sure you have perverts and there’s bound to be rapists, but that has nothing to do with a woman’s ability to be a ninja and at no point does anyone mention women being worse ninja in the series.
9/2/2020 c32 Guest
Fucking! Awesome! Seriously, this is one of the coolest Naruto stories ever written! I'm really glad I decided to read this fic again! It's well put together, written well with a nice blend of romance, humor and action. Kishimoto-baka should just admit that he can't keep up with the community and hire you so he doesn't come up with another abomination like 'Boruto'. In fact, that new series could be written off as a delusion from Hinata's horrific destruction due to her being reduced to mincemeat by Pein before being stepped on and incinerated by the Kyuubi for her daring to foul his paw with her dirty corpse. I only hate Kishimoto-baka more than Hinata 'the Useless Pair of Ovaries' Hyuuga ya see. Anyway, awesome story and thanks for the really interesting pairing that you managed to make believable! So weird reading a Naruto story that doesn't involve Kurama, bravo for being original!
8/24/2020 c2 Sec.ANo.1b
Boy’s already drinking coffee at four? Goddamn their coffee must be very ineffective for a four year old to have some
6/11/2020 c12 Cason329
I feel like this might be made by a feminist with how they were like you men can only see talent in your gender. Like no, Naruto and Neji are just better lmao.
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