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for First real love

3/16/2009 c6 2mimibear
aww that is so cute... derek cleaned his room? wow...i like it, and i so love Marti and purple... keep going on...keep up the good job...please post more soon..
3/16/2009 c6 4LexieCoop
NO don't stop this story!
3/15/2009 c6 johnnydeppfan
Luv this story please continue!
3/15/2009 c6 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
3/15/2009 c6 4kmr04
Please don't stop. I would like to see were the story goes. It is good.
3/15/2009 c6 summerlover1
cute story so far, adorable smerek moments :P
3/11/2009 c5 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
3/11/2009 c5 johnnydeppfan
I really like the direction this story is going in. Keep up the good work!
3/11/2009 c5 sleepy
haha i like this story!

just can i make a suggestion?

would you mind using "it's" or "didn't"?

i don't know i'm getting the impression that it's too formal

but then again i'm not all that smart so...


but it's good please keep writing
3/11/2009 c5 ladylockern
I am really enjoying this story you are staying relatively true to character with a very believable story line I really look forward to seeing where this goes please finish it
2/28/2009 c4 princetongirl
loved it update soon
10/11/2008 c4 5XxxThe Devil's Little AngelxxX
el ingles esta bien pero porque no tratas de escribir mas dialogos y menos pensamientos y depcriciones. pon algunos capitulos en el punto de vista de derek...
10/8/2008 c4 7Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku
love this
8/9/2008 c3 ellie141516
omg! what's going to happen? how will derek get casey to go out with him? does he really fancy her or will he just do a one night stand? hope to read soon!
8/7/2008 c3 1monkey-monkey-underpants07
i love derek. he makes me laugh. the whole locker combonation scene was pretty funny. :D

great chapter!

please post soon
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