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6/18/2010 c4 2grimmich
not bad at all! i wold like to read the next chapter if/when you get it up...
11/9/2008 c4 LoLuLi

I liked the story/plot

It would be really good.

I think in the future you should think about re-writing it.

It went really quick and could do with bein bumped up abit.

i liked it though :D

it wasn't really an m rating though...

11/7/2008 c4 10MalfoysMuggleMrs
Yea writers block does suck :-( Just have something huge, or dramatic happen (someone dies, someone gets pregnant, someone gets married, someone has some big rumor start up about them, etc.) Just make sure w/e happens doesn't happen to the main character (unless you really want it to) for some reason that usually helps get the story going somewhere. Lol Good luck:-P
7/30/2008 c3 4Sumomo'MoonGoddess
hehe i like the story its starting off really cool ^_^
7/30/2008 c3 10MalfoysMuggleMrs
Well I guess you know what happened next. No not what you are thinking. Why are Harry/Draco fans minds in the gutter all the time.

Haha! Your soo right. Update soon
7/29/2008 c1 Sally0Zombie
wow i really like this story hope u update soon! but wat got me confused was when ron said " Ok well I’m going to sleep good night Harry Potter" you included the last name 2, but its ok it just sounded weird... UPDATE SOON!
7/29/2008 c1 MalfoysMuggleMrs
Awsome! xD Update soon!

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