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1/21/2019 c28 Guest
That was sooo amazing! I enjoyed and loved this story so much! xoxo
5/18/2018 c28 Caitlin karst
There need to be more on this story of bloom and sky
5/10/2014 c28 fireBloom16
Please tell me it have a sequel for this. PLEASE!
11/17/2012 c28 tyera
Great story! So you're making a review right? T-T
11/2/2012 c1 4DragonSpark536
hi nice story, anyway how did you update that fanfic into community?
8/15/2012 c28 Princess Night
Nice story. Pls write more.
8/12/2012 c28 7LoveBloom87
I love it!
I can't stop crying
7/24/2012 c25 Shardas
I love this story! Very well thought out...
10/20/2011 c3 6Tamee
I love it, it is perfect! Thank you the good story, and congratulition for your imagination!
8/30/2011 c28 carolinadanu
loved it
8/20/2011 c28 RoseGoldUnknown
You make the best stories! I loved this one. Good job
7/5/2011 c28 GoldEyedAngel
nice story
7/4/2011 c12 GoldEyedAngel
i dont get ur story its confusing don't know wen u change point of views
7/3/2011 c9 GoldEyedAngel
i'm just going to say that u should've wrote flasback starts and ends here its less confusing
7/3/2011 c8 GoldEyedAngel
i wonder wat she said wrong
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