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7/3/2011 c7 GoldEyedAngel
ok, now i'm getting confused too, is she bloom or scarlet or is she pretending she's not bloom
6/30/2011 c3 GoldEyedAngel
i thought she would've hit him or gone into tears
6/30/2011 c2 GoldEyedAngel
i wonder whats going to happen
12/5/2010 c28 1xSapphirexRosesxFanx
great story and poor Bloom what she had to pass with that woman. at the end i am happy justice came and also that SKYxBLOOM together, why she is going back? to restore what is left on Sparks? i do hope Sky will keep his promise for going affter her stalking, in the end she'll leave him to slee with her again, not that she will refuse him.

BLOOMxSKY forever!

great job, keep the good work!

c ya!

8/18/2010 c28 1xXKittzaXx
this was really mysterious im impressed
8/15/2010 c28 12FireFairy219
Yay ^^ You updated! I am like superhappy now, because honestly, I had been waiting for it from like, the day I sent you that message :p And it totally exceeded my expectations!

I mean, where to start? The awesome scene with Sky and Bloom and the swirling hormones that accompanied them in Faragonda's office? Ahum Ahum.

Or the tearful and heartbreaking goodbyes with her friends, of which I thought Musa's was written best? Of course, the others were also very in character, but personally, I like Musa best, so I'm kinda prejudiced ;)

The idea of the rose that would wither if her love had died was just awesome! Kinda like Beauty & The Beast, but nevertheless, brilliant!

It's a shame that Bloom has to leave though. I know that it's all because she has to refind herself and all, but the fact that everything, all those chapters, lead to saying goodbye is kinda sad.

But we can't always have a completely happy ending, do we? After all, her leaving is the only thing that isn't very happy, so that's okay :p

It was a nice way to end the story, I think. Because even though it's a little bittersweet, the teasing between Bloom and Sky makes it all better.

Listen to me, I sound like I've just read a fic where somebody practically died :p Jeez! I just wanted to say that I like how you turned a smile on my face despite the situation she's in ;)

Or something like that.

On another note: I love your previews! And I love your translation of the title :D In Dutch, I think it has a more mysterious sound to it. But 'Spawn of Satan' sounds like evil has manifested itself right there and then! Of course, that's what it literally means, but you gotta admit, it really sounds more like the epitome (with an -e, TotallyLori ;D) of evil.

The previews themselves are also better than I had expected.

I should really stop underestimating you :p Not that I do of course, but after saying that you do better than expected, twice, I guess I sound like I do that. So, I hereby take away any possible interpretation of 'steken' ;p

Right! The previews! Well, first I gotta say that I really got that feeling of it being set in the (guessing here) 17thC, what with her blushing at what is now a much more common thing, but what probably used to be a huge taboo. And her thinking about the family's reputation.

And the teasing between the both of them is also very well written. And again, I really got the feeling that it's not set in present day. She can't just give into him, or her reputation will be ruined, which was one of the most important things to think about. So they have to be all sneaky as well :D

Oh, and the cool (like really, practically ice cold) attitude of Sky just makes him even hotter, I think. Not that I've got a thing for him or something, but the way you depict him in your stories make him look different than he is in the series. In a more mature way, more mysterious. More like the Sky from season 1, which is, in my opinion, the best they ever produced.

I'm digressing.

Hmm. This is becoming quite the review, methinks :p I think I've been typing for over half an hour already. That, or the fact that my Mom has told me 4 times already to quit the 'tokkelen'.

And I still had to say something!

Right! Please do send me those drafts :) Even though I'm supposed to study, which I'm definitely doing, I still have my break at noon and I quit studying at about 20PM, so I can definitely take a look at it ;)

And would you review my short-story more detailed please? :p I know I kinda sound desperate saying that, but here on ffn, you telling me what's good/bad about it means a lot, since you're one of the few people here whose opinion I really value. So yeah.

See ya!

And I hope you stop breaking your nails, 'cause you know, you only got 10. Unless you start doing really weird and start breaking your toe nails as well. But that would be VERY weird. You never know what Murphy has in store for us mere humans, though ;p

8/12/2010 c1 NinaLo88
Hey again , I read your preview and may I say Sky is evily seductive ;D For some reason I can see that xD even though he's always a sweetheart in most stories :p Im very very veryyy looking forward to it :D
8/12/2010 c28 sailormoon846212
Awesome story! I loved how they were able to get the truth out of the queen. What a mean person. Anyway, it makes much more sense to me and you did an excellent job. I can't wait for the next story :)
8/11/2010 c28 NinaLo88
Omg, it's overrrrr o

I loved it so much *tears* xD

It was like one of the first stories I read O.o

Anywhhhoo - I'll be looking forward to your next story :)
8/11/2010 c28 4Totally Lori
Ah! -Flails.- You updated! -Screams like a silly fangirl.-

-Clears throat, going back to normal.- Yes~ I loved this chapter. Wrapped things up very nicely. And Faragonda... I never noticed how much I disliked that woman. XD I mean, you're portraying her correctly; it was just so weird to finally realized: "Man, I hate her." Don't even ask why I hate her because I couldn't even begin to explain.

Alistair. :) He's such a cutie. He shouldn't be, but he is. Trying to double-cross them. ♥ (That's a heart, if it doesn't show up.)

XDD If you haven't guessed by now, I am a little more insane than usual. I've gotten a lot worse since last time. I've even gotten to where I like BrandonBloom shippings. -Shakes head sadly.- The horror, I know. But it happened, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Now, before you freak out on me, BloomSky are still my main ones! Keep calm. I just... like Brandon now, for some reason. :/

Anyway, back to your story! Griffin's note to Sky was great. I can totally see that woman being a favorite of the melodramatic. 'Cause we all know that note is the epitome (or is it epitomy? - epitome, epitomy, epitomi, epytome, epy-eh, whatever) of the melodramatic. Don't even try to deny it. ;)

Either way, my point was that I enjoyed Griffin being so dramatic in a note. It was great. XD

And the rose! Oh mai gozzz... -Slaps hands.- Sorry. Talking to text talkers too much, unfortunately. The lows friends get to... -Shakes head.- But, right! Rose! I loved it! Sky was able to realize she still loved him, so he went after her. He's so precious! -Giggles.- Man, I love that boy.

And it was a nice touch that he wanted to have sex with her, like, the whole time in this chapter. XDD Even in Faragonda's office. If that woman wasn't crazy as a bat from hell, I would've totally been yelling, "GO FOR IT!" at the computer screen. As it were, she is, and, well, I'm glad Bloom stopped them before they got themselves into some huge crap.

Haha. Sky's always got cliche lines. And I recently learned his favorite word is "awesome." Seriously. He says it /all/ the time. Lol. But I still love him. Even though he is a cartoon character. -Shrugs.- Meh, it happens. I'll get over it sometime in my fangirl life. ;D

What else...? Oh! The goodbyes were a nice touch. I can so see Musa being the one it affects the most because, well, Musa's kind of always being left. I'm sure she's sick of it. But I loved how, since Layla wasn't there (I'm going to pretend like you totally did that for me ;D) Musa got to have five extra minutes. It was cuuuuteeee. =D

And Tecna with her, "I'm not gonna cry." That was adorable. Tecna would be the one refusing to do it. Flora would be the one who'd already started, as well. It could've been anyone leaving (I have a feeling she'd burst into some hardcore tears if Helia ever left, though - jeez, I'd burst into hardcore tears if he left; Helia's the man (after Sky)! XDD)

Teehee. Sky's gonna be her own personal stalker. (I totally skipped Stella, but I don't know what to say about hers; sorry). I was kind of expecting something like that to happen. Now that he's gotten her back, he sure as hell wasn't going to let her run off. I was suprised that he actually told her he'd do it, though. (And fyi, I don't think he'd let a closed window stop him. XDDDD But it was a nice touch, no doubt. :D)

Man, I could gush about Sky in this chapter all day, but! I wanted to review about your previews. ;D Make it easier on you than having to read two separate things from me (not to mention, makes my review longer -SELFISH ALERT-). :D And I totally did not just say that.

POST THE STORY ASAP! I'm dying without knowing anything that's going on there! Jeez, woman, you haven't even given me a technical first chapter, and I'm already hooked. Talk about a crazy fish. There can be just this tiny bit of bait on the hook (like, microscopic-sized) and I'll bite onto it. How's that for a metaphor? ;D

Sky being so... carnal, for lack of better word, is something I would totally look forward to. Man, oh man, would I enjoy that. -Smirks.- But since he's not real, I'll have to be satisfied with Bloom getting the action. ^_~ Which I can totally be happy about. I just have to have it there to read. BUT! No pressure. Post it when you can (which, if I happen to have these high hopes that it's soon, you cannot blame me; I'm just addicted, as utterly depressing as that may seem to you) and I'll try to be the first person to review. I /will/ analyze every detail for you, though. So you're bound to get some amazingly long reviews, if nothing else. Lol.

Alright, so I have to admit, I already have some questions about that new story: Stella and Sky? I'm kinda curious as to why he set his sights on Stella. I mean... I don't know. I guess I'll have to read it. I'm not questioning the pairing, by the way. Just wondering what set him on Stell. But, like I said, I guess I'll have to wait and read it. Which I'm not opposed to, of course. I'm just angsting. As per usual.

Heehee. Bloom blushed just listening to/seeing what Sky was doing. It's no wonder Stella was willing to do whatever the hell Sky wanted. I mean, it definitely would be a heady sensation, after all. Especially with the time period you're seeming to set it in. Nice little twist, m'dear. Nice. ;]

Onto the second preview: Ooo-la-la. I cannot wait for that whole chapter. I already have a feeling that when those two come together, it's going to be pretty cataclysmic. But I do have to say I like Sky's style. He knows she wants it, but he won't exactly pressure her into it. It's also very nice to know Bloom refuses to give into him. I'll just bet he's turning on the charm. Lol.

I seriously cannot wait for this. You have no idea. Seductive Sky is just... yummy~ -Sly smile.-

Well, m'love, I'll let you go for now. Can't wait to hear from you!

Oh, and, love you, too~ ;D

4/13/2010 c27 sailormoon846212
Hey Isis,

I loved this chapter. I finally understand now. The reason she cast that spell to drain her powers was because sky asked her not to hurt her mother, and sky knew it was bloom along? Wow, what a revelation. And the word scarlet is what gave bloom the memories back which were the queen's eye color. And when you revealed that plan they had, I was like thank goodness, I thought she was going in blind. I kept screaming, why won't someone help her? Anyway, great chapter, I would love to know why she still has the tatoo. Update soon :)
4/12/2010 c27 Totally Lori
Huh. I just re-read both chapters 26 and 27, seeing as I completely forgot what happened in 26 (just me not re-reading as often as I usually do). I don't quite know what words could even begin to form what I wish to convey. =/

I guess I could start off with telling you that I was in Disney World from April 5th through the 11th, which would explain why I'm just now getting back to you (will answer your email promptly after this, btw). I was exhausted when I finally got back to my own home yesterday (went with a friend, TheCrankyEmily on here - I hope it tells the name XD) and had to do some last-minute Spring Break reading: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It was weird, and I hated the first half of the book. The second half was hilarious, especially this man who always responded with "F* da wife" when people spoke to him. I probably shouldn't have found that so funny since the whole book was rather degrading toward women, but I liked it all okay.

Now, onto the story. I can't wait for the epilogue, seeing as you confused me with the last lines of the story. The whole thing about how Sky lied? Yeah, I was so glad because everything finally clicked (except for the letter; did we ever see all of it? you never did answer me). But anyway, when you get the chance to, work on that epilogue for us? :D I know you have a life, so I'm not rushing you. In fact, I'm the last person who should be rushing you since I suck majorly at updating anything. Woops?

Man, you just remind me over and over why I love Sky's character in this. He's so freakin' amazing! And he's just so intelligent in this. People make him seem like such a moron in other stories, like he doesn't comprehend stuff when he does. Hell, he knew about his mother being crazy, but it's his mom. How's he supposed to react to that? (The questions may be all rhetorical in this paragraph; just a heads-up.) And then he's so... agh, I don't know another word. I got four hours of sleep last night, so my brain is on the fritz. I don't know; fill in a one-word compliment for Sky, and it should do well. But he was the one who saved her? I wonder how she felt about that one. XDD I mean, she was obviously shocked and slightly angry from what she did in the previous chapter, but... wow. I love the blonde boy dearly. :)

Hm... Oh, the King and Queen? I know their names. It took me forever to fully justify their real names (saw it on Wikipedia, and since that's written by people like us, I started searching in other places for, like, official citing; found it after forever and had it saved on my OLD PC, which crashed and burned several months ago). But anyway, the Queen's name is apparently Samera, and her husband is Erendor. Weird names, huh?

While I'm on the subject of them (I'm veering way off topic, so just warning you) I have to wonder just what would have ever possesed that woman to even allow him to have sex with her. I mean, Sky had to come about in some way. Of course, my friend and I have a theory she had an affair with Baltor (so freaking far-fetched, I know, but the man does kind of have Sky's hair color, and it'd fit XDD). I may have told you this theory before, so I'll leave it at that and save you from having to read it all again. If I haven't told you, and you're interested in hearing it, le'me know~ ;o

I guess I could reply about your Layla comment. I did find her part funny, especially what Stella said about her face (I assumed it was about Layla and not about Tecna). Good times, good times. I love watching people insult her.

Stella and Brandon are a riot. Stella for fainting and being so crazy and Brandon for "ruining the surprise." Like Bloom wasn't gonna know? -Rolls eyes.- I mean, for crying out loud! (Although, I did grin when Sky chose about that opportune moment to "check and see if her tattoo was still there." Wonder if anyone believed that?) Anyway, Brandon, even with his lame-o jokes (he's about as bad as Sky) has some high points in this story. Even though I'm not a great fan of him, I liked your portrayal (go figure) and enjoyed his character in here.

Tecna slapping Stella to wake her up was another personal favorite. I enjoyed that because I could totally imagine it. And then Riven got his two cents in, only to be yelled at by Musa. Just like the good ol' days, huh? They're all silly little fools.

I loved that Diaspro was a pawn for the queen, btw. Good usage. Especially since she's not good enough for the queen's little boy. Of course, with that woman, no one is good enough for her little boy. Man, she is what most girls fear in a mother-in-law, all wrapped up into one woman. I would hate to have her as an in-law. Although, the king isn't much better. I think it will be a good thing for Sky to take over for his parents. Just my thoughts. -Nods head.-

Finally, last, but certainly not least, congratulations with your exams! I'm glad they went well. ^^ I can't tell you how happy I am for you, so you'll just have to imagine it. You should be good at that, being the amazing writer you are. :3

Welp, toodles~

I'm gonna email you now. XD
4/7/2010 c27 12FireFairy219
Ah :) Yeah, this really was thé chapter of revelations in this fic. It completely made sense, surprisingly :P I had begun to wonder if I would ever be able to figure out what all your hints were pointing to, but thanks to your latest update, my worries (yeah, questioning my own stupidity and stuff) have gone. Yay! I guess this means you were successful in writing a suspenseful good fic ;)

And wow, that woman sure had some issues. I mean, trying to kill your future daughter in law for your own selfish advantages? That's just sick. Then again, she didn't exactly appear to be all that friendly in the show either. And neither did his father for that matter. One messed up happy family :) I guess I can understand her motives though... somehow. But that really didn't give her the right to just kill our favourite character, or Winx coupling! :D

I didn't really notice her hair had changed colour actually :p Probably overread it or something, but Brandon's remarks about it ^^ Just gotta love the guy. It's weird that her tattoo hasn't disappeared though. The last mystery to resolve in a few weeks time I guess :)

And you kind of weren't looking I think when you say there was an attempted murder on prince Bloom ;) Also, when you want me to look at your draft, you can send it to me and I'll try to find the mistakes (like our beloved Mr. Wattez used to teach us), okay? Or whatever way you see best.

Well, I guess I'll sign off now, in hopes of studying some more. Probably not, but I'd like to think that I will, you know? And you've got an exam THIS week? Weird, I haven't got any classes, just an early 'blok'.

Till next time! Mss opt bal? ;)

3/15/2010 c26 2theresa love Daniel
i like this stoy so far plz do more chaptera:)
12/31/2009 c26 52Just the Wind
STUPID CLIFFY! You bettre update soon!
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