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12/31/2009 c18 52Just the Wind
"I suppose Saladin would even come out of the closet.” *Dies of laughter*
12/27/2009 c26 1princessbloom94
oh my gosh! that was amazing! wot did sky wispear to bloom? this is so good! please write more in the new year!

luv princessbloom94 xx
12/26/2009 c26 gfsjnscbjdsbfhdbvsbldbs
omgoshh i missed your story again! -.- my hotmail is pissing me off, i never get emails from fanfiction anymore so i never know when a story gets updated...im soo sorry

but yeaa as usual this was an awesumm chapter ^^ i cant wait for the rest of your story ^^ and yeaa i did alredi have school but now its over again =D summer holidaiiz ^^

well i used to like twilight but then i started thinking abt it and no actually i dont..well not anymore cuz i realised that every second page of the book all they do is make out...its just eeww i cant believe i never noticed it before and i HATE breaking dawn but yeaa anywaiz enough of my rant XD

but i LOVE taylor lautner he's awesumm and he has the most perfect personality..he's not stuck up like some actors and actresses are and he's so hot *drools* =D

ahh ahem yess

aweumm story ^^ please update soon

XD lmao long review much?
12/24/2009 c26 4Totally Lori
:D Whats? I wanted to make a record. And it even cut out some of my stuff. I was quite upset. But we won't get into that. I can never top that previous review of mine, so you'll just have to be satisfied with whatever I can get out. Sound good? ;)

Well, first I would like to say thank you and tell you that I love you for updating for us for Christmas. That made you the most amazing writer of my acquaintance (though you already were) and made me love you insanely more than I have ever loved anyone... Okay, so maybe not anyone, but it's pretty damn close, yes? XD

So, second on my list is to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope that you get all of the stuff that you may possibly want, and I hope that... erm, well, your Christmas is awesome and sweet and... merry. :D 'Cause if anyone deserves that, it's you~

So I was very happy when I read this chapter, though I must admit that some things only served to confuse me a lot more than I thought possible. But that's okay. I haven't read through it for the umpteenth time yet, and it will make things more understandable when I do that. But that doesn't mean I'll get it all. You have some cryptic writing going on there.

Sky. I have a whole paragraph I can devote to him. He's... precious, to say the least. He's definitely a great mixture of boyish and 4Kids/Rainbow Sky in this chapter, and I enjoyed it immensely. I mean, there is no limit to how great he was in this one. He made my heart happy, especially with his little antics. I'll never get over this chapter, by the way. It's just that nice to see Sky acting himself again. -Fangirl sigh.-

I also particularly liked Bloom's A and B thing. It was funny. I freaked my mom out, seeing as she was working on making or cleaning something in the kitchen. She stared at me and obviously wanted to know what it was, but I just told her she wouldn't understand it - of course, I just didn't want to tell her what Bloom had thought, seeing as the word "sex" would've been an immediate kick-off the computer - and she really wouldn't have understood it, anyway. ;D

Alright, Layla was a nice, random touch, especially since, you know, she's still the most annoying character ever known. I loved Tecna being mean to Stella, too. That was hilarious. "I only have one brain." Lol. Of course, she has enough information in her brain for about 5 average-minded people, so it's kind of ironic.

Oh, and the whole thing about the Queen's room being hideous...? Haha. That was great. You had quite a few comical tidbits in this chapter, and that added to it all. This might become one of my favorite chapters in my favorite story (no debate there; this story tops all others I have read, about anything).

And the last section piqued my curiosity. I really want to see what all is going on there. Though I do have to say my hopes plummeted when it wasn't Sky. I guess I should've seen it coming, but still. It did not lessen the effect. Lol. I am a hopelessly lost fan girl, it saddens me to say. But it was high time I took my pride in and admitted it, seeing as it was obvious to everyone else.

Man, this might be my shortest review yet. I don't have all that much to say. Except that I reviewed on time this chapter~ Though I'm lucky. My mom ordered me to get online and search for this songs' lyrics for Christmas, and then I checked my 14 emails. XD

Well, I guess I'll wish you a Merry Christmas, yet again, and (I forgot this earlier) a Happy New Year! ^^ I hope you do well on your exams, and I can't wait to hear from you.

12/24/2009 c26 12FireFairy219
Okay, now I'm confused :D I guess I'll have to reread the previous chapter, but right now I'm taking a break from all the study-related subjects (although reading English could be viewed as practicing my reading skills for the exam, but I like to think of this as relaxation) so I probably postpone that to next week or Saturday or something.

I'm impressed btw about the fact that you actually updated now :) In these difficult times of us, poor college students who have to sit inside, work for goodness' sake, while the holidays to most people actually ARE holidays. Grr.

Anyways, I'm glad the queen showed up in person again. Not that I like her, just like.. I like the bad guy making an appearance. It's kind of weird when I explain it like that, but it's the best I can do for now.

Most of the time, it announces nice (inter)action. Well, that didn't came out right either. Pff..

And me beta your story? Why, I am absolutely honoured! :D I'd love to! But truthfully, I can't really detect major spelling/grammar errors, so if you want, I'd rather be your adviser :)

I guess that's all I have to say to you now. I will probably be able to comment more when I actually understand what was going on :P But hey, blame school!


PS: Oh my God, I've just scrolled down the review list! Totally Lori, I admire your ability to write humungous reviews! I was so amazed my mouth actually fell open, no kidding.

PS2: Ow, and I'd almost forget: merry Christmas & happy New Year's !
12/11/2009 c25 13ReleaseThePanic
Wow! What a story! Are you gonna finish it?
11/6/2009 c25 4Totally Lori
Okay, I will admit it. I read this, like, the day you posted it. But I was upset and sick and then couldn't get online and absolutely forgot that I should review. I mean, I've always got something to tell you, so I would, of course, have something to say now.

The fact that there was very little... eh, I'unno how to phrase it... I guess action...? - That work? Or is it too... broad? - between Bloom and Sky, well... made me kind of deflate at first. The scene seemed a bit rushed to me, but maybe that's just my opinion; it's possible everyone else loved it, and I've just read way too many books that have been excessively slow in relationship areas and what-not. -Shrugs.- Whatever it is, know that that was what I thought at first, and that it did make me deflate.

But then I read your little A/N, and all was well with it. Because, I mean, I know that law school cannot be very easy. I actually wanted to pursue law for a few years. Then I was like, "But I really like math... DD:" So I'm thinking about going into the doctor field. Lol. I know, I know; there are things that deal with math a lot more. But it's that or accounting because there's a bit of math that I don't like - haha, that covers anything that has the ending of "-metry" in it, like Geometry and Trigonometry - that I would shoot myself if I had to deal with it for more than just school reasons.


I shall get back ON topic.

Story. Right. Okay, I like the whole Ruby idea. Very nice, dear, very nice. ;D

But, what if the woman did something weird, like, got it replaced or sommat, you know, and they- Wow. I totally forgot that you were writing this for a minute there and started to discuss it with you like we were both reading a novel that we wanted to figure out the plot of before we continued reading to see whether or not our ideas were failures or were successes.


So, anyway, I like the earrings. I like that the King knows his wife is crazy and deals with dark magic and whatnot. I'd really love to be able to understand her crazed oddity with her son and Bloom not being suitable for each other. I mean, really! Can we have some insight on that? To possibly TRY to understand, though I most likely WON'T? It's just... I don't know. I wish I could see where she was coming from, but I know that the possibility of that is one in a million since I'm so biased, what with being all obsessed with Sky. That boy is amazing, whether or not he seems like he isn't.

And I don't know. He bothered me in this, but I loved that he bothered me. (I'm weird like that, yes. :D)

Do you know what I mean there? Or is it just too beyond? 'Cause I can understand if I've passed psycho and went straight into, like, insane asylum patient. That does tend to happen from time to time.

But back to what I was saying about Sky. He did bother me, but it was a good thing. It's kind of like being bothered by a little cousin who adores you, and later on in life you look back on the moment and feel so happy about it, though you were irritated by it at the time. And you feel something like nostalgia. It's a happy thing to have Sky bother me. Just like that little thing I said above, but it's in a completely different category, mainly because of the way he bothered me. Like, he wasn't oblivious to the fact that Bloom was killed by his mother. He KNEW, and that was just... heart-warming. It got rid of the annoying cliche that people tend to think Sky doesn't really understand what goes on around him, and he does, but he's misled everyone to make them think he doesn't. Was something I really liked about that scene, if I didn't like the rushed part of it.

Mh, the beginning was good, too. 'Cause Bloom was all freaked when she got PULLED into the little odd room/corridor/whatever-the-hell-it-is and then was all freaked about being ALONE in the corridor and had a little rant about how she wasn't afraid when she obviously was before she remembered, "Wait. I'm not alone."

Haha. That was quite a riot for me. Made me giggle the first time, and then I actually understood it the second time, so I laughed, like, hardcorely. Lol.

And then my parents looked at me like I was crazy. Good times, good times. -Happy sigh.-

Who else was in here...? Stella! Yes, Stell. She seemed a bit different than most people portray her, so I was actually a bit glad about that. Though, I must admit, I do find that I miss the presence of the other guys, especially Brandon, for some reason. I mean, of all the guys, Brandon is my LEAST favorite, so I don't know why I miss him. I guess for his little wit and whatnot. 'Cause I suppose, in the right hands, he can be a bit humorous and... decent. Not so odd. I don't know quite what I dislike about him, but whatever.

You know who I REALLY want to see, though?

Helia. Like, no joke. He is my second favorite, right there with Flora. :) I love those two; they're so sweet and innocent and then, of course, not-so-innocent.

Holy cow. I forgot. We haven't really seen/heard from Flo in a while. I liked her odd little mysteriousness in this story. Will she come back? Or is that not determined, yet?

Oh, btw, I'm glad that Sky's mother will be in the next chapter, if I haven't said as much. I believe it's about time there's yet another confrontation with her. Makes me glad to know she'll be there. I want some action (in the true sense of the word, not in the whole "relationship" sense) again. It's always good to have some spice, especially with how you add it.

Okay, I probably commented on this before, but I can't remember, so I'm doing it again, just here, instead: Griselda. What's up with her? Like, it was either in the last chapter or chapter before last that she was all weird. Was that really Griselda? Or was it, like, someone posing as Griselda? Or is that something else I can't be told?

(Let me know if I get annoying with my questions, please.) Because she just seemed odd. There's another "I don't know" to add to my collection. It just seemed really weird to me how she was acting, and it seemed a bit... un-Griselda-ey. Is she bad in this story? Because she was talking to Sky (this is where it's fuzzy, so I might be wrong), wasn't she? Like, it said Sky's name and everything, and they were talking about something that had to deal with Bloom, right? Her note she wrote herself or something?


The note! What's going on there? We haven't seen the last of it, obviously. But what did she write that was torn off? That's killing me. Like, you have no idea how badly it's killing me to not know just what is written on that note.

Is it still there? Like, does Sky have it? Or is it thrown away? Because I don't think I'll be able to get on with my life like normal if we never see the end of the note.

I'm sure it sounds very melodramatic, but I am being quite serious. It's that life-altering to me. That's how addicted I am to this story.

I'm just... really curious about the note. It's obviously something really important, otherwise Sky wouldn't have ripped the end off. Right? Or am I wrong? Does it really not matter that it was ripped off?

Well, hell. I have another question. So I'm sure you'll hate this review by the time I'm finished.

WHY? Why did Sky rip the ending off? Was it something THAT condemning? And was it to him or his mother, or maybe to someone else?

And will we ever see the Count of Wehrinde (I probably totally butchered that, once again) again? Or is his importance over? Because who he was talking to earlier on was really cryptic, and it confuses me still. I'm probably missing something completely obvious, but I don't quite care at this point. I'm just trying to click together everything I DO know and understand, and then ask about what I don't. So that man is one of those things.

I THINK that is all of my questioning for this review. But I am not quite finished, yet. Sorry.

You mentioned a possible new story, and if this story you are speaking of is the one I wanted to know about BEFORE, I want you to know that I am still hanging on the edge of my seat in hopes of knowing about it. So... yes, I would love to read the new idea, of course~

Please? :D

See, I even tried to be nice about it. Even though I wanted to demand you let me read it. Like, I had this going through my brain: LET ERICA READ IT, NOW! SHE DEMANDS IT OF YOU; SHE DOES NOT REQUEST, SHE DEMANDS!

But I thought I would go about the nice approach first, then tell you my demand, since you have school. ;D




Well, not fully done. I think it's quite stupid that they won't let you respond to reviews in your chapter.

Btw, where did it say you couldn't do that? 'Cause I've never heard of such a thing.

Haha. Now it's done.

And it was long, yes?

I hope you liked it, Isis~

I dished it all out just for you. Got over 9,0 characters put in this baby. Tried for 10,0 but I didn't think you'd want that. If you do, I could try again in a couple of chapters, but the next reviews would be wimpy and just simple little encouraging things, not very long and quite dull. Or I could continue writing here and make it to 10,0 just so you can say you received a review that reached that limit, and I can proudly flaunt that I wrote one that long. :) Let me try it. I can think of something else to ask/comment about.

Oh, I know~

The King and the Queen. Their betrothal.

Why on earth would his parents go through with it if they knew that the Queen was interested in bad magic? I mean, isn't that just a bit odd for them to put their poor son in that position, even if it's going to help them out in the long run? Just something I thought was a bit... barbaric, I suppose.

Though I do like the whole thing about how he thought that maybe he could control her. Definitely shows how stupid males can be in that stuff.

Alas. I have reached the limit for it
10/24/2009 c25 2Skylar Stars
Great story! A little confusing, but still great!

I can't wait for the next chappie, but do you think you could do me a favour and quickly summarize everything that has happened? You don't have to, but it would help me understand. Anyway, UPDATE!


Skylar Stars xox
10/19/2009 c25 12FireFairy219
Hey there!

Nice to hear from you again :) And thanks for the special thanks btw, I was more than happy to listen to your ramblings and read your (kind of long, and sometimes unreadable) new story/chapter! You put up with some of mine too, so I guess I should be the one thanking you.

I actually attempted to improve the bit I had, but yeah. Life (college life that is) takes away our precious time for an actual life and writing and reading is on a low level right now, unfortunately. I did read yours, though ;)

Euhm, some comments on your chapter maybe? Because, technically, this is what these Feedback/review-buttons are meant for. SO. Good chapter eh? :) I liked it, it had Bloom&Sky in it and a good explanation (how do you always come up with those) for the ruby thingy. I'd say your story is nicely developing. :)

There's just one thing that annoys me.. You always write - I don't know if you use it in this chapter, but I thought I'd let you know anyway - OFF course. It's actually OF course. I saw it some chapters before, but I'm not sure whether I've already told you that. If I did, sorry to repeat it :)

So, till next time!

Have fun in law school. No, scratch that. Have fun in Kortrijk! :)

10/18/2009 c25 1starfire1994
first: hope law school goes well

second:please continue

i love it


10/18/2009 c25 9xBloomStarx
God, I'm getting frickin' chills. I absolutley ah-dore the intense MexSky (a.k.a. BloomxSky). I love it whenever I read that man's name ~insert scream~! But back to the subject though, update as soon as you can!
9/20/2009 c24 1princessbloom94
that was so good! Cliffhanger! please update soon!

Luv princessbloom xx
9/5/2009 c21 NinaLo88
OH ! I Read The Story Over Again And I Get It Better Now , Haha . & I Didn't Know That Lorreta Was Griselda . I Thought Like Her First Name Was Lorretta And Her Last Name Was Griselda. Lorretta Griselda. Ha But NOW I Get It lOl . Update Soon && Like I Said Your An AWESOME Writer :D
9/3/2009 c24 NinaLo88
haha wow this chapter got me confused xP thank you for updating soon :) i love this story , theres always cliffies so it makes it more suspenseful i guess . and , omg i love all this drama with bloom and sky ! 3
9/2/2009 c24 4Totally Lori
Man, can you say fail? This has been the first time I haven't read your chapter on the first day it was posted; then again, I haven't been online for the past week... or two... And you do owe me some PMs, though I don't think I'll get the ones I really want answered since I'm curious about the other story you've planned out. XD

I dropped my AP class; it wasn't helping me, period. I would've failed that class, and that would not have been good. So I chose to take Honors instead, about 3 weeks into the year. Needless to say, I'm having to readjust. :/

So~ story...

I don't know what to say about this chapter. It's not clicking just right, so I'll have to read it a couple of times. I don't understand what Sky is supposed to do, and I don't understand Griselda's insanity... But maybe I'm not supposed to? And Sky's happiness and insanity wasn't cleared up to me in this one...? XD Just sayin'.

O~ heavy BloomSky? Sounds nice. REAL nice. (Picture that in a deep, manly voice, and it's a lot funnier. ;D) Now I'm suspenseful... wow, that did not come correctly. I'm angsting; better. I want some action in this again. Remember, I like chaos~ :D

Shortest review yet. I think I'm getting better... Then again, I didn't have much to say. Next chapter there might just be more. XD
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