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9/2/2009 c24 4booklover4177
You left us with a cliff hanger! Though what comes next is bound to be interesting. Ruby Manor, huh? Can't wait to find out what that's about.
8/30/2009 c24 2firebloom101
This is great! I can't wait to read what you plan next. It's getting more interesting by the chapter. Keep it up!
8/29/2009 c24 9xBloomStarx
CONTINUE NOW! PLEASE! Oh, and I'm tingling again from excitement. Sorry to say but I already forgot what Ruby manor was. Or did you already say it? Oh well . . . . . . UPDATE!
8/24/2009 c23 NinaLo88
please update soon :( i love this story ! your an awesome writer :) i cant wait to see whats next ! so please add the next chapter :)
8/14/2009 c23 4booklover4177
Can't wait to see what happens.
8/11/2009 c1 9xBloomStarx
Please add more! I am begging you! I'm almost tingling with excitement! Please continue!
8/10/2009 c23 gfsjnscbjdsbfhdbvsbldbs
omgoshh! im soo so sorryy for not reviewing your other chapters...i didnt get the time to read them...i havent been on fanfic in agess...assignments -.- i hate school! but yeaa anywaiizz

awesumm chapterss ^^ i wish i couldve reviewed them then and there but yeaa...once again im sorry and i cant wait for you to update more! =D

...you srs! they have tic tac flavours like pina colada! *faints* i hope they sell them here! and yeaa msn might be a bit hard but yes i am from asutralia and the time difference really annoys me...do you know what the time difference between australia and belgium is? i have no ideaa...sorry for the super long review XD

please update soon!

8/10/2009 c23 1starfire1994
please continue

that was a cool chapter

i love it


8/10/2009 c23 4Totally Lori
I'll try to make this short. Wow, I speak as if I know the meaning of that word, which you may have learned by now, I don't. XD

Well, this seems to be an informational chapter. We now kinda understand why Bloom did what she did. Wonder how Sky felt about that... Probably not very happy with the way he seemed to be acting in the memory.

Okay, let me get this out of the way before I go on: I'm quite possibly half asleep at this moment, so some of my sentences and crap might not make a lick of sense. I just got home from the second day of school, which was murder. Whoever said Junior year was fun definitely did not take AP US History with a man named Dr. Carter who says the word "Uhm" 136 times in less than an hour (I tallied).

See, that was completely irrelevant, but it shows that you have some crazy vibe with me for when I'm not having a good day or week or whatever. I officially love you... and not in a creepy stalker way. :D

So, story, yes. I'm looking forward to the whole Eraklyon return. Like, insanely looking forward to it. I want you to make us angst. Like, you have no idea how bad. XD Maybe you should have something interrupt them right when they're about to kiss or something. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't say that. You probably have this awesome chapter partially written or planned out step by step, so I guess I'll just wait and not bother you with suggestions.

Hm, you now owe me, like, two PMs, by the way, though I will settle for one, seeing as you're busy and, well, I just want to hear information from you. You should know the highlights of my questions/comments by now. I would apologize for my most recent review, but I don't want to because you might have liked how long it was. And this one will be nowhere near it, but I'm taking up useless space now; continuing~

The end: the letter. The ripper. Or tearer? I'unno. I wanna know what's missing. Like, is it something after what we've seen of the letter so far, or is there more to the letter after what we've seen and then after that bit there's some missing (assuming that made sense)? But, yeah, I also want to know how exactly the end got torn off. Did Bloom do it? Or maybe someone found it? Or was her thinking about Sky supposed to be the hint at who did it? XD I mean, I have millions of possibilities flying through my brain right now.

And I figured out it wasn't a "W" for the name of the guy but the place he lived. Alistair, the count of... well, shoot a monkey. I forgot. I know it started with a "W" and was like "Wehrinde" or something. Man, I read that and engraved it in my memory, and when I need it, it dissolves. But whatever, I'll get over it.

Thanks for the update, Isis~ made my day, yet again. ;D
8/10/2009 c23 12FireFairy219
And then I got another mail from you :p

The tattoo-secret has been unravelled, but apparently more questions arise as we read on. Who pulled off that piece of paper? And is Bloom really going to take such a severe revenge on Sky's mother?

Hmm, personally, I think this just might be the case, seeing as you have turned the queen into a complete inhumane creature (more than in the actual series, that is) and Bloom more self-aware and stouter (looks so weird in an English sentence), with a stronger mind or smth. I guess if it even comes to a fight, it will be nasty. So I look forward to it :)

Your 'memoretch'-creation is awesome BTW ^^ I really like it! You know retch means vomiting of some sorts? Ew. But I guess your word is a contraction of something else, like memor and etch. That would be way more normal :p

I look forward to your next, promised to be XXL chapter ;)

8/5/2009 c19 3stellaa-brandon lovin
heyy, umm sorry about the last review that was not me i got hacked! i'm really truly sorry about the misunderstanding! then a girl wrote to me telling me that i was immature but i told her the problem! and again i'm really sorry!:(
8/4/2009 c19 4Totally Lori
Disregard that this review is for Chapter 19. I couldn't write it for the most recent one because I'd already submitted a review there.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry some immature girl chose to pick on your story to flame about Bloom, when it's completely irrelevant to what's being written. 'Cause last I checked, the story title said nothing about "Winx Club" in it.

Anyway~ I sent her a reply about it. And it wasn't a very nice one. And I reported it as spam, so maybe it'll be taken off. I know I didn't want to read that rant.

But, whatever. Just wanted to try and fix what she might've done. So I reviewed again. :D I hope your life isn't killing you. And I hope to see more soon.

Remember: BloomSky fluff is ALWAYS good. XD
7/31/2009 c22 2firebloom101
Oh wow! I am really excited to see what you have planned. Keep it up!
7/31/2009 c22 4Totally Lori
First, I'll get to your PM you sent me later. Band Camp has been hell. I'm so tired right now.

But, like always, I become enthused when I see you've posted another chapter. I'm all sweaty and sunburnt and tired from being at school with my flute and out in the student parking lot practicing our halftime show, so I'm ready to check my email and pass out until tomorrow morning. Then I saw this and I was like, "Okay, passing out can wait." You update at the best times for me. XD

Anyway~ Flora and Bloom don't seem as tense around each other now. So, that's good. :D I'll try and figure out where it was exactly that made me think they had some problems. I mean, I know it was when Scarlett was "first meeting" the gang, and she got, like, annoyed or something and said something along the lines of "Where is she?" or "I know there's one more." about Flora. I'unno, maybe I perceived it incorrectly or something.

I miss Sky's involvement. I know she's all "I have to avoid him" and "I can't let my emotions be interfering with my revenge" and all that crap. And I know she made reference to his blue eyes with so many adjectives that made me grin. But I'm dying for some more of him actually being there. 'Cause he's probably not going to allow such a thing, and it'll be great to read.

Question: Is he just so ecstatic that he finally saw her again that he doesn't care that they argued about how his mother was forcing her to leave him?

This chapter wasn't crappy, by the way. I don't know why you said such. It was something of a filler chapter, yes, but it was still enjoyable. If people gripe about it, tell them they need to get over it and grow up. Everything has to have its ups and downs. I know I said something about Sky needing to come back in, but that wasn't a complaint. It was an... I'unno. Angst from my side? No, that's not right. I don't know. But it wasn't griping. Let's leave it at that. ;D

I could continue a rant here if I wanted to, but I'm not entirely sure what else to comment on. Wait, I have something: is there a type of time jump between the previous chapter and this one? That slightly confused me. I mean, it's possible something like this happened before, but that happened a long time ago if so, and I've definitely slept since then.

Not related to this chapter at all, but the chapter when she meets that one guy, or maybe before it... Agh, I can't remember his name. I think he was someone who acted with her...? Yes? No? Maybe? This is killing me. I could check, but it'd kill my review. So we'll just leave it at the nameless man, whose name begins with a "W" I'm fairly sure. Anyway, the object of this was for this statement: I liked the whole time thing, like where it said like the exact timing and had it underlined before she commented. And they arrived really late? Yeah, I thought that was nifty. Not to mention that made me laugh 'cause she sounded so frantic.

Mh, and the torch being broken. And her fixing it and not knowing how, which only caused Sky to think she was Bloom even more. Yeah, I liked that chapter, too. And then him and his, "Your eyes..." And her, "Look nothing alike!" Yeah, it was great. XD

I told you I'd left stuff out. I'm sure by next time I'll have even more stuff I want to comment on, so hopefully I don't comment about something twice. I'll try not to. Just so you're not all "Uhm, I already covered this, Lor," and so I don't feel like an idiot, though I suppose continuing to write this does kinda make me feel like one... Ah, well, I'll get over it in about five minutes.

Anyway, needless to say, I think Bloom with lost memories plus Sky with crazy hormones/love obsession equals cute, bickering, hilarious, not-so-much couple.

One last thing, at the end of some things, you have an "x" and there's never anything after it. Are you putting a bracket there or something and it's not showing up 'cause FanFiction doesn't want it to? Just trying to figure that one out.

Well, thanks for the installation, Isis. =D

7/26/2009 c21 Totally Lori
First, let me apologize for not having reviewed the first day I saw it was posted. I was using my friend's laptop, and the moment I finished typing the review, the internet on it failed me. Thus, no review.

I freaked when I saw it was up. I mean, we'd just gotten out of the car and into the condominium I was staying at for vacation, and I was so tired. I had just ridden in a cramped-up car for 8 hours. The ride from Dalton, Georgia to Panama City Beach, Florida is quite a long one, especially when you're sitting in the very back of a Suburban with two people on either side of you. Needless to say, all of that went completely away when I checked my email and saw your update. I went crazy and animated and was at the computer for a few minutes, reading the chapter over and over again.

Sadly, that was kind of the highlight of my week of vacation. That and the cute lifeguards at the Shipwreck Island waterpark. XD

I was griped at quite a lot, and I don't know if it's because my mom was mad that the friend who came with me griped to her parents, who made the weekend we left hell by making us leave a lot later than we'd originally planned, or if it was actually something I said or did. She seems fine now. BUT~ I won't bore you with family talk. I will, however, bore you with discussion on your story.

Okay, the memories were great. I've been waiting for that for ages. Thank you for finally getting to that small sliver. I know there's still a lot more for us, but that was definitely a good installation for that point in time.

I'm liking the idea of having the letter more and more. At first, I was like, "Agh, no, I don't like letters. They make things chaotic. And they're so cliche." But of course, you wouldn't do such, so I was like, "Nah. She'll make it tolerable." Needless to say, you've made it more than just tolerable. Rather you're making it quite enjoyable. :D

Sky's such a momma's boy. It's cute. XD

Speaking of which, where is momma? Shouldn't she be causing some chaos since little Sky-kins is thinking Bloom is Scarlett? Wait... Thinking Scarlett is Bloom... Yeah, much better.

I feel like an idiot. I never really understood the first couple of times about "The rose will betray me." And I finally got it. Wow. Talk about miscomprehension. I thought she was meaning it would betray her because for some reason she thought Sky didn't love her anymore. And then I realized with startling clarity as I was about to ask about it that she meant it'd betray her. Okay, that's cleared up now.

Anyway, going off of Sky's mother thing: what about his dad? Haven't heard head nor tail of that man. Is he dead in this? And I really want to see his mom for some reason. I want more chaos. I'm crazy about that stuff.

Well, I'm glad you liked my previous review. This one probably won't be as long, but I got what I wanted out. Glad I made an impression, too. I look forward to your PM. XD

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