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for Second Coming: Providence

1/12/2019 c11 GamingFox666
Just as good as I remembered. It's been a long time, but I'd happily read some more of this, if you're still around and inclined to write.
9/24/2018 c11 Guest
This is really perfect! The plot and narrative are so addicting..hope that you could pick this up again someday and finish it
12/8/2017 c10 Suzululu4moe
Lol the bread.
12/8/2017 c7 Suzululu4moe
Hmm I wonder if it isn’t working cause he isn’t actually friends with daisuke yet.
12/8/2017 c6 Suzululu4moe
Wow takato’s Breakdown.

Good thing his mother didn’t faint or get a heart attack .
12/8/2017 c5 Suzululu4moe
Lol where he found the egg.

Oh tk. I hope patamon can help him maintain his sanity. Now he lost the only human who can understand him.
12/8/2017 c3 Suzululu4moe
Lol the surprise character of Usagi. True if the rest of the sailor moon cast was there they could make up the Olympus something group of digimon .

And I had expected him to search out Willis or was it Wallace didnt think it was this guy from the cartoon boondocks. ... I wonder how he will communicate with most of the others due to the language barrier.
12/7/2017 c1 Suzululu4moe
Wow . It’s amazing the amount of world backstory n combination of the universes and thoughts you have put into it. Nice the emotions etc.

Lol impmon.
10/27/2017 c7 139H.R.C. Stanley
Huey Freeman? Reminds me a bit of Hewy Toonmore.
10/26/2017 c6 H.R.C. Stanley
I look forward to seeing Patamon take on his other Armour forms, like Mothmon, Mantaraymon, Rhinomon, etc.

I forgot to ask before, but when exactly is this set? Like, how many years since Adventure '99 for instance?
10/25/2017 c5 H.R.C. Stanley
Baromon and Stegomon? Awesome! I want to see Baromon confront IceDevimon. Seems fitting to me at least.
10/24/2017 c4 H.R.C. Stanley
Wait, Cody's dead?! Aww, how did this happen?
10/23/2017 c3 H.R.C. Stanley
I have to say now, what's with the constant use of 'Digimon' in bold & brackets?
10/22/2017 c2 H.R.C. Stanley
Wait, there are two TKs? Oh boy. Love the meta-humour though.
10/22/2017 c1 H.R.C. Stanley
Sounds complex already, wow. I'm curious to see where this may go.
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