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for My Hard Time

9/25/2016 c11 7HistoryBuff1066
I honestly don't know how I've managed to keep myself reading this story, but I'm stopping here. Please, rather than taking my comment as a horrible one, just take it as constructive criticism. The plot was great and honestly that's why I lasted this long with the story; I like JD'so change of demeanor and the whole premise of it. What I didn't like was the very OCC moments of both JD and one Dr Cox - one minute Dr Cox was trying to comfort JD and the next he's screaming at him and insulting him? We've seen in the show that when it comes down to it, Dr Cox was there for JD and supportive. Also, I don't understand how in 1 chapter Dr Cox was 45, then 47 and then 2 chapters later 48. Please remember your own story. There were grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes, but many fanfic authors miss such things so perhaps next time just re-read it again and make sure there's nothing wrong. Look, I did like the plot and I think if it wasn't so OCC with most of the characters this could've been a really great story that I would have finished.
7/21/2016 c32 copycat2700
omg. fanfiction doesn't make me cry but this one caused me to start sobbing. actually I don't cry much at all, so kudos for you for being able to write a fanfiction powerful enough to make me cry for the first time in years.
7/18/2016 c20 2EeveeKey
Okay, the grammar went from passable, go worse. What just happened? Also, kudos for the story for making me cry, but the bad grammar and seemingly wandering part of the story just turned me off for emotions. The first part kf the story was good, but after the halfway point, it all just kinda crashed into a wall, and became pieces. Emotions aren't there anymore, and frankly, I'm getting bored of this story. Again, the first part of it was very good. Great, even. The grammar was a bit off, but it was passable. However, second half is in dire need of editing. No periods after dialogue, and the plot just kind of runs everywhere, it doesn't have a focus anymore.
3/24/2016 c32 Guest
2/24/2016 c32 AnthonyC22
Really liked this story, one of the best Scrubs stories on here. The Dan/Elliot pairing kind of threw me off, but what do ya expect? Funny how Keith is dumped by Elliot, both in fanfiction and the show, he just can't seem to catch a break!
2/24/2016 c31 AnthonyC22
Great story
2/24/2016 c25 AnthonyC22
Well that was an interesting twist on the "Elliot's brother Barry" story from the show,..
2/24/2016 c12 AnthonyC22
Sure didn't expect "Pee Pants" to tell Carla.
2/24/2016 c11 AnthonyC22
Damn, I thought it was Sam who died. Doug is such an idiot, even if he is a funny idiot, being underneath a dead body and all. How the heck does he keep losing gurneys and whatnot...
2/24/2016 c7 AnthonyC22
Didn't think JD had it in him to sock Cox like that.
2/24/2016 c6 AnthonyC22
Janitor definitely deserved that Ginger Ale to the face.
2/24/2016 c5 AnthonyC22
Really good story, liking it. Tragic story with Kim dying, but good.
2/4/2016 c32 11duaba
amazingly written. loved every word
5/20/2014 c2 Deanov87
This is actually really good. Tragic, but good.
2/4/2014 c10 No Just Dot
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