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9/14/2017 c11 1WolfMistwood
this was an awesome story from start to finish and i thank you a thousand times for writing it. idea for a sequel if you ever decide to do one, mpreg maybe?
10/30/2015 c5 2yume76
It's Nun-chucks not Numbchucks. Lol. Cute story so far.
1/27/2014 c11 Neko-NightLover
well I love this one a lot so for a sequel you could do a continuation of where Naruto is reinstated as a ninja and you could make it where Naruto finds a way to get pregnant so that way all is happy and satisfied as well as you could incorporate the other parings that happen since Naruto is with sasuke . you could do a adventure about the Intel and the one who informed danzo about them being together and so on that's just my opinions/ideas so yeah hope that helps thank you for writing this fanfic by the way I love it
12/20/2012 c9 Guest
How is he reading a book? ... There's no way u can smell or hear the words in a book... :I plz explain thaaat
5/5/2012 c11 Annoymons
8/10/2011 c1 Pentagraham-crackers
Good story so far...i'm glad it doesn't seem to have M-preg in it. I'm not a fan of m-preg. Good job
1/21/2010 c11 1librarycat9
sequel problem solved... mpreg... hehehe :}
1/21/2010 c7 librarycat9
sasuke without his inhibitions and in love would be different anyway... personally I think Naruto is far more OOC...
1/21/2010 c5 librarycat9
matchmaker kyuubi... I like it :}
1/18/2010 c11 Jelly
X3 if there was a sequel, MAKE IT HAVE M-PREG PLEASE!
10/18/2009 c11 4BreezieBri
That was a really good story I liked it a lot, and regarding a sequel *ponders* hmm...(I hate to say this but) maybe something to do with mpreg, knock Naruto up lol combine the bloodlines of Uzumaki and Uchiha o sounds cool and powerful, and this new bloodline mix can make new enemy's show up and try to gain the power for themselves and try and control the world (very cleche but its popular) but it doesnt have to start like that, it could start out with Naruto and Sasuke maybe after they got married (aww *pictures Naruto playing with a small ring on his finger while smiling happily* kawaii ^^) and then they decide they do want a kid(s?) and they find out Kyuubi can help or there's a special jutsu (no clue there) and they get pregnante (dont really care if its 1 or twins but keep it small) and dont make them a prodogy, make them a late bloomer (other storys always make the kid super intellegant and already masterd all their powers at like 7 which isnt very interesting and doesnt feel realistic) and as the kid gets older they start to show signs of the bloodline mix (not entierly sure what it could be) and that makes villans want them (maybe Danzou cause he's evil and wants to control Konoha) oo like the old series Redwall, the kid(s) goes missing and dad(s?) have to go save them before something bad happens to them, anyways thats what I just thought up on the spot, its a little rusty but I put in my 2 cents
9/21/2009 c11 YaoiMadHatter

This Fic Actually Made Me Cry T^T

That's The First One To Do So =O

You Should Be Totally Proud Of This!

Anyway Read It, Loved It ^.^

Ja Ne!
6/18/2009 c10 18BlessingNinjaPirate
HEhe I think the ending is good! But I can see a next chapter! Hmm I wonder what's in there! xD

Damnn I'm letting curiosity get the best of me...

Maybe I should hurry and sneak a peek.

Sorry short review from me this time but none the less, awsome chapter! ^^

'' This may as well be the last time I see the awsomest line of ironicity! (yeah just made up that word!; It might exist! *thinking face; sigh*)
6/18/2009 c9 BlessingNinjaPirate
Awh sorry this review is slightly later than the others! ;; Haha friends came over and took over smexy reading time! xD Damn them with their persuasive nature! ^^

Oh well on with the review!''

This chapter was good! Yeah butt kiCcking time and not in a kinky way lol! ^^ It was awsome!

Ah 'Tachi died but I suppose he was a bastard in this until his final moment so it's all good! ^^

Overall once again an awspme chapter!


I shall never forget the beauty and irony that is ''. Yeah not even the power of pesuasive friends can make me forget lol! ^^
6/18/2009 c8 BlessingNinjaPirate
Ah I love Akatsuki! GAH! Damnn the stupid Vilagers and Counsil members!I'm happy you didn't put those two old farts in. You know the stupid bastards and Danzou who made Itachi kill his clam for the village!

Argh Stupid Ungrateful Village! ^^

Okay I'll stop my rant right there. This chapter was awsome and I can't wait to see Akatsuki! I kind of love them! *U-huh cough*


Haha you though I forgot didn't you? '' Total Awsomeness in the irony and sarcasm department! xD ^^
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