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for Love Me Dead

12/13/2014 c6 wolf-akuma
Ooooh! Please continue! This is getting good!
-Update soon!
3/19/2013 c6 Something Unpretty
Update, update, update, update!
10/31/2012 c6 31npetrenko
Great story. Please write more!
9/2/2011 c3 retardedboy
i love your story buuut... I want bruce wayne to be girlie one not joker... buuut pretty good, love it!

p.s. would be awsome if bruce was the girly one.
4/20/2010 c6 5Miravisu
Teehee, quite the scenario this, poor Brucey!
2/24/2010 c6 MoonBiscuit
Ooh I love this story so much, will you please continue? :3

I like how you try to keep them in character as much as you can ^-^
9/30/2009 c6 24baies
Oh, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

I adore this. The chemistry is absolutely fearsome! You write them so well! Will this ever be updated, bb? I doubt it, seen as though it's been over a year. But still, it'd be unbelievably awesome if you did. Thanks for sharing hun! Faving this.
6/16/2009 c6 4PhoenixStarry
Wow! Awesome story! I wonder why I've never read this until now! Bruce and Joker are great together!

Can't wait for more! :D
4/16/2009 c6 60BC
It's really sweet... I love that Joker stays in character and doesn't get adorable or - Merlin protect us - *good*. These guys have chemistry...

Anyways, I'm trying to say I've really enjoyed it so far and hope for more.


10/14/2008 c6 23snapescelticgirl
Cool fic so far. Updating soon?
9/14/2008 c6 26Elizabeth Tudor
Please update? This is some of the best chemistry between them that I've ever seen, I want more.
9/9/2008 c6 10Rainbowsharpies

A bit bold, it lacks the subtlety and angst that most batman fics have...But I think that's part of the appeal. I like this story a lot and I hope you get a new chapter out soon. Seeya then!

9/9/2008 c5 Rainbowsharpies
ahoo! This chapter seemed a bit out of place, but certain parts did make me giggle so I won't hold it against you.

“…” Bruce sat across from the other on the table. “Poison?”

XD dunno why that's funny. Just so...blunt. "poison?" one word! ahahaha *is sleep deprived*


"Pfft… why would I kill the great Batman with poison? Who does that?” hehehehe 'Who DOES that?' XD like, who does that? what? No one! oohoohoo!

Now for the critisism!

Bruce...he's acting too...Bratty. You keep saying cold, but I just see bratty. Even cold...I just see Bruce as more of a diplomatic guy, especially if he came to their little date willfully. Why'd he come if he was just gonna be a brat? Then they suddenly make out? Not that I don't appreciate Bruce/Joker makeouts, but come on!
9/9/2008 c4 Rainbowsharpies
hohoho it is different from the others! I like this story. The kiss thing would normally be critisised as sudden or OOC but I thought it was fitting...I mean come on, what's he gonna do?
9/9/2008 c3 Rainbowsharpies
:O impressive! Although these chapters are a bit short for my liking...

The grammar is great, very refreshing. And you said something about it once being hard to read? I love the format now, so you must have done a great job improving it. And thank god because I tend to shy away from large blocks of text...

I like Joker's dialogue...But this is movie batman, right? I really do like the joker here but he reads so much more like comic joker...And Bruce reads just like movie Bruce! Oh well, I kind of like it that way. And I loved this chapter.

On to chapter four!
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