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10/26/2011 c1 BpDs89
You wrote this a while back but omg this was amazing! Really loved reading this one shot it was very cute. BL was so adorable here being best friends first then something more.
5/30/2011 c1 craxygirl54
Awesome one-shot! Loved the whole Brucas being best friends from the beginning and then that friendship evolving into something more.
9/5/2010 c1 7Pretty Girl 818
One word...-Amazing! Loved how you brought all the characters into the story. And the relationship between Brooke and Luke was awesome! Great oneshot!
1/10/2010 c1 2Julchen1515
I like it
6/19/2009 c1 Brucas10
So this is my like 4th time reading this one-shot because I love it so much but I realized I never left a comment so I thought I should since it's amazing. I love how you wrote their friendship and how it changed into huge feelings and how they were both jealous of other people. I really think this could be turned into a great story but I'm guessing your just going to leave it as a one-shot which is fine because I love it! Great work!

8/11/2008 c1 othfan326
great one shot!

you're right, it's definitely a lot lighter than "Baby You..." at the moment.

great job!
8/11/2008 c1 2CheerandBrood323
that was freaking adorable. That really makes me want to write one. I am gonna go brain storm. I am in pain. I fell down the stairs again. That's the second time in three weeks. It was the same stairs too. It was pooring rain and I was running down my neighbors stairs and boom. So I can only sit in the chair in my room without dying. I LOVED THIS ONESHOT. Thank you for inspiration!

xo Cass
8/5/2008 c1 brucas2008
Ah that story was so honestly is after putting me in a great mood..i just totally love brucas..i seen teen choice awards and i want chophia back together...x...x
8/4/2008 c1 1iluvmedou
That was lovely :) A perfect little smile on my face :)) I loved how it was different but we got little elements of everybody in it :) Fabby read, especially for a little bit of funky fluff! Natalie xx
8/4/2008 c1 chasitybsp
Thanks for the short but sweet fic! Until next time..
8/4/2008 c1 rosseyanna
this is cute...i love it...

i really like it when they start as best friends, get jealous of other people and then they end up being together...
8/4/2008 c1 notlikeshedid
Aww, that was so cute. I loved it. Just friends my ass, haha. Great one-shot. Very cute.

xoxo Erika
8/4/2008 c1 16imjustwritingg
that was so cute. i loved it. u should definitely continue it! =)
8/4/2008 c1 onetreehill239
That was really cute =)
8/4/2008 c1 7someonestolemycookies
LOL. :)
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