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for The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum

4/12 c119 3Avatar Stark
Meta-verse, eh? Okay, color me intrigued.

Eagerly awaiting more of "The Secret Diary of Snowy the Goodest Doggo and Maybe Some Other Important Characters Too". ;D
4/10 c1 Guest
4/10 c63 Guest
4/10 c64 Guest
3/25 c119 Sungawd Ra
Morphine babies. Right.

Thanks for making me put a distorted Muppet Babies song in my head. And for the chapter.
3/18 c66 5Kent Rigel
Phew, this can no longer be our time-line, Harry is out of the royal succession now, probably can't be king of anything except the Oprah Winfrey ratings hall of fame, lol.
2/25 c6 17AKissAndAGunshot
I'm not much of a fan of John/Cameron but it's minimal enough so far that I'm still enjoying this.

And you just... you've got Cameron's character voice SO well. It's amazing. I'm envious. I'm regularly cracking up at the humor, too
12/11/2020 c29 2SilveShot
Great to know Snowy will be there at the end:)
12/11/2020 c26 SilveShot
I was wondering where Derek was...
12/11/2020 c19 SilveShot
I rewatch the show about every 1-3 years, and just saw(I think) Vick’s Chip. Anyway the scene where Russian Brother and Sister are filled with lead. I definitely think Cameron would see no qualms with Polger.
12/10/2020 c16 SilveShot
“Last Chapter? Maybe. Maybe not...”
Me seeing the 103 other chapters...
12/10/2020 c119 1Scythe Asgore
Cam writing fan fiction. Absolutely love it. Also with the way you have her kill off all the characters, I wonder if you could write Cameron playing and having opinions about games like Undertale.
12/7/2020 c45 Guest
12/7/2020 c44 Guest
12/7/2020 c43 Guest
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