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for Leah's Happy Ending

8/29/2010 c8 Cracker679

loved it
2/25/2010 c8 LM3795
Great job! I'm glad Leah got her happy ending...even if it came with pain! ;)
9/23/2009 c7 LM3795 she really alive? or does he have a screw loose?...this is a very interesting plot...I LIKE it! I hope you continue with this fic, it's great so far!
6/26/2009 c7 radvibes
nice cantr wait till uupdate the next one
5/27/2009 c7 6battante
Oh I like the ending! It makes a twist, dun dun dun!

And don't worry about updating; good stories are always worth the wait (:
5/24/2009 c7 5Only4Miken
Ugh Ness is alive now? I would have died happy if she was still dead.
5/24/2009 c7 20Rock'n'Slash
DUDE! WASSUP! Great chappie.

But seriously, use your own account, because basically, you’re saying to me that you’re scared of me and need a cover to hide behind. I won’t bite, promise. :D

ru sure about that? Because Jamie and Adam think differently. XD
4/9/2009 c6 twilight fan
get the next chapter out plz it's getting good
3/13/2009 c6 Guest
I need to know what happens next. Please, I begging you...

I absolutly adore this story, no one has done anything so like this yet. please Update.

Heres the deal, We review you update, if your not going to update don't ask for reviews, got it?

2/4/2009 c6 Klumzy
you have updated in forever! you need to update like... RIGHT NOW! =]]
2/2/2009 c6 wynea76
Kind of funny... kind of wierd...
1/25/2009 c2 Renee St
your making it sound like jake doesnt luv nessie

he soo does

why wouldn't he, she is a cute little baby. that he imprints on, yeah.
1/25/2009 c1 Renee St
I know I thought before Renesmee came along that Leah n Jake were going to be together.

but hes like 16 too young for Leah and too old for Nessie, but since Nessie grows fast I guess its ok
1/23/2009 c6 20starlinc
I don't think nthat Renesmee should be dead-dead. Just temperarily dead. Because she deserves her happy ending, too. Plus, Edward, Bella and everybody else shouldn't have to spend a lifetime mourning her. Maybe it's some half-breed becomes full vampire thing. But have her go with Naheul, and let Jake's imprint have been brokjen by the death. Then he can go with Leah.
12/25/2008 c6 5Only4Miken
Really long wait but worth it. update soon
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