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4/7/2017 c1 1Mordred Jones
Ha ha, loved it! :D "There was no bomb." LOl. I just knew that would happen.
1/6/2012 c1 Ginji
OMG that was so cute X3333 luv 3
5/17/2010 c1 23Amanda Saitou
Very nice, I liked it!^^
9/14/2008 c1 26prettilitTLepoison
that was lovely.
9/9/2008 c1 10Rainbowsharpies
hehehehe I love your stories. This was rather...cute. But not in a terribly OOC way. Naisu!11
9/4/2008 c1 Mahala A.C
This was WICKED TIGHT...And Oh So HOT! ^-~
8/22/2008 c1 20Mrs.Masters
Ha! Win. Joker always wins. ^^ Excellent plot! It made me giggle. ♥
8/17/2008 c1 Love Inc
Aw!~ That was so cute, very well done, keep up the great work

Love Inc. x
8/17/2008 c1 Doctor Owl
Oh dear. This made me giggle like an idiot.

All in all, very well done. I love the twist at the end. "All part of the plan, Bats." Lol, poor Brucey! He just can't stop himself from wanting the Joker! ;D Teehee.

I love it, and you should seriously consider doing another.

8/16/2008 c1 65jafarjasmineforever2005
Hey good job! I have a lot of slash fiction as well, and this was AWESOME. Keep it up.
8/9/2008 c1 1Umino Akiko
I... worship you. *fangasm*
8/9/2008 c1 28NightowlCamy
Rofl! Didn't see that one coming. No bomb, haha. Joker is very intelligent.
8/9/2008 c1 Crystal Peak
That was...AWESOME! Although that couple is impossible we can still imagine that maybe SOMEBAY Batman will understand that Joker cryptic words are just to hide his true feelings from his honeycake!
8/9/2008 c1 14MysticDawn5
Hah, guess I'm not the only one liking Joker/Batman! 8D And I laughed so hard when Batman actually responded to the kiss. For some reason I'd always seen it as a one-sided Joker thing, but it appears Batman's quite taken, as well! Good job. Thumbs up!
8/8/2008 c1 Love Infernal nsi
Short but nice. I am thrilled about the increase of Batman/Joker (my only favorite slash pairing) goodness. I guess I can thank TDK for that, because finding Batman/Joker fics were difficult to find in the past.
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