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for Meant for each other

10/6/2008 c4 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
8/10/2008 c3 12HoNdeR
Not impressed. I've read far better things. It's not bad for a first try though.
8/10/2008 c1 HoNdeR
You should see mine 'first attempt' of writing a story... xD
8/8/2008 c3 3Chewie Cookies
It wasn't a real confession, but it was close, ne?
8/8/2008 c2 Chewie Cookies
Like it? I LOVE it!
8/8/2008 c1 Chewie Cookies

Keep it up!
8/8/2008 c3 JovialShogun
Kawaii! (insert heart here). The one thing I think you might want to work on is that things are moving kind of fast. I mean, they haven't seen each other for 3 years.
8/7/2008 c3 Gravity The Wizard
I love your story I hope you decide to continue it.
8/6/2008 c3 3piratequeen11
LOL! How is naruto going to get out of this one? XD
8/6/2008 c3 5Rose Tiger
He just blurt it out! And you spelled "closet" wrong. Keep going please.
8/6/2008 c2 Rose Tiger
How sweet and you spelled "okay" wrong.
8/6/2008 c1 Rose Tiger
Good start, though there was some spelling errors. Keep going.
8/6/2008 c3 Aaron Leach
Awesome story update soon.
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