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for Twilight, A New Take

9/13/2020 c14 Guest
I’m confused I thought Charlie was raping her that’s why she was In his bed or he fell asleep in hers? Fun story though :)
8/14/2020 c8 2RemmaForever
I- if i- can yo- nah I can't make this better but I'm sure you tried your hardest.
12/5/2013 c17 Guest
How is she still a virgin if she was raped. She said she was a virgin when she was talking about Mikes rumors of her sleeping around.

10/3/2013 c10 1I Have Left Fanfiction Good By
Awesome so far! I personally love the short chapters! I would rather have 28 short chapters than like 5 SUPER HUGE chapters.
7/20/2012 c21 Guest
very good chapter.
7/19/2012 c30 Guest
i think emmett should be here big brother! it fits with the plot line and his character
8/9/2011 c31 1DrawnToTheNight
your story was really good

thanks for writing

6/24/2011 c14 CHITTLE0915
I'm confused. I thought you said her father was sexually abusing her, how is she still a virgin? Unless you mean spiritually and not physically
12/26/2010 c28 Fee-Sha16
8/4/2010 c7 random girl
good story but one thing you need to know is that edward is 17 not 15. other than good job besides the short chapters, but you make up for thier shortness for having almost 30 chapters! oh well, ja ne!
4/29/2010 c6 veggie vampire
can you please make longer chapters! the story plot is great, but not good with chapters as long as my pinkie! great story though!
veggie vampire
4/24/2010 c28 Anon
Nice, hopeful, sweet story. Thanks
12/17/2009 c28 2Kemq
wonderfull story
12/14/2009 c16 11The Fourth Bride
YAY. she figured it out with no interference from /la caine/. whoopee!
9/29/2009 c26 elizabeth
hi...ur storyline is obviously very cliche but the difference in ur story and other stories is that ur writing sucks.

U hav like about a million typos, spelling errors and thougthless grammer mistakes. Next time u write something read over it and make it good so that the public enjoys reading it instead of picking your pungent mistakes. In other words ur writing sucks and u need to fix it or stop publishing this crap!
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