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for Artemis Fowl: The Book of Ages

9/30 c45 Guest
Cielo santo, what an adventure that all was!

It was nothing short of amazing. The inclusion of old characters with new twists as well as original characters was excellent. The sacrifices were meaningful and well-written.

I think I like this better than some of the actual Artemis Fowl books. It’s certainly the closest I’ve come to crying while reading an AF story.
9/12 c39 Hpcrafter
Great story. At one point i thought i was actually reading the sequal to the opal deseption (think thats the name can't quite remember) I just have one question though. Does anyone know where I canget the audio book from?
8/19 c45 4andtheny
I originally read this story back in 2010 and was reminded of it while re-exploring the fandom (my interest revitalized by a certain terrible movie) and I have to say I am ONCE AGAIN blown away by the fact rhat this here is a better book 7 than the Atlantis Complex could ever hope to be!

I imagine I'll return to this story again and again in years to come. Thank you for writing.
7/23 c8 Katzrule
Hahaha, good one No 1. I love what he sent Trouble. You know those weird wedding thoughts.
7/20 c28 Katzmeow
You know Minerva is starting to get on my nerves. The sooner she believes Artemis the better or I will... yeah I don’t know what l’ll do nevermind but really she is starting to get on my nerves.
7/20 c26 Katzmeow
There is a part here that No1 sounds like he swallowed a theasaurus and all the knowledge went in him.
7/20 c23 Katzmeow
I DO not like Minerva but only because she did all those things to No1 and Holly like l heard but l have not read the Lost Colony yet sooo yeah but I still hate her but she seems nice here so l’ll give her a chance.
7/20 c18 Katzmeow
Aww come on Opal, the fu**ing, crazy, power hungry lunatic Opal is mentioned again but then again what is a AF story w/o Opal the crazy pixie.
7/20 c8 Katzmeow
I love it when No 1 is just like an inocent little kid just how Artemis was supposed to be like when he was about twelve like normal kids/tweens but instead he commited himself into doing crime as a teenage genius and mastermind.
7/20 c7 Katzmeow
But seriosly Opal does she really at least have to be alive in the story. Furthermore other than that the story is esquisitly well.
5/29 c24 hsgsfsaf fs
5/28 c11 hsgsfsaf fs
best story ever!
5/28 c2 hsgsfsaf fs
5/28 c1 hsgsfsaf fs
Headache here we come
3/12 c45 2guikat
I actually cried. One of the best fanfictions I've read in a very long time. Thank you.
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