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for Artemis Fowl: The Book of Ages

6/30/2013 c45 6RealityPilot
This is by far one of the most imaginative and utterly brilliant written works I have ever had the luxury of reading. Kind of sad you haven't written anything since you wrote this though. You have a gift and definitely should not let it go to waste!
6/28/2013 c45 ReviewerToLegend
As my name crudely states, I am the reviewer to a legend, a legend that should be, on its own, a book in the amazing Artemis Fowl series-a series which has enlightened me to many remarkable adventures with Artemis and company. Your fanfiction gave me the illusion of reading one of Eoin Colfer's own spectacular works, which is a gift in itself. I, personally, have read all the books of Artemis Fowl, and can conclude that this is a wonderful surprise after coming to the conclusion that I would never again read an Artemis Fowl book with all of Colfer's genius. You are a truly blessed person, who hopefully realizes how blessed you are, and I sincerely hope you consider publishing such amazing works of art as this one day. Sadly, I am merely one of the many fans of Artemis and his friends, and cannot actually do much in the way of publishing books... I do hope, however, that you consider becoming an author, so as to keep creating beautiful works of art such as this. With this, I bid you farewell, because I'm sure everyone still reading is bored out of their minds right now, or just completely insane. And I mean that in a completely joking manner(at least the last part, I did...). Now, I thank you for bringing this unto the world, and actually say farewell at this point. Well, farewell, and, once again, I thank you.
6/25/2013 c45 2Beyogi
Great story, but kinda lacking an epilogue.

Thank you for writing this captivating story,
6/19/2013 c26 Yukiko
Speaking as an avid A/H shipper since I was 12... I think your fic just made me fall for Trouble. (Yoiks!)
Can't wait to read the rest :)
6/17/2013 c1 44Lefty
So far, so good.
5/6/2013 c38 The One Who Reads Too Much
Omake:What I hope will happen.
"There, you can see that Holly is alive and well, now on to business."

Artemis nodded and turned toward his evil counterpart, swinging his fist out as he did and hitting him squarely in the jaw. His punch knocked the older Fowl to the floor, which both were quite surprised about. Artemis then leaped over to Holly and wrapped his arms around her.

"Beam me up, No1," he stated calmly before both he and Holly were transported several hundred miles away.
5/6/2013 c26 The One Who Reads Too Much
Emsey Squire

You make the best pseudonyms .
5/6/2013 c10 The One Who Reads Too Much
F. Roy Dean Schlippe

You win a cookie.
4/26/2013 c45 1Dunstan Xenon
That was a fantastic story. I'm a little sad that you had to kill off N*1 but Holly and Artemis both survive and are together so I think I can forgive you
4/11/2013 c45 Random person
I'M GOING TO MURDER YOU FOR KILLING N01! HOW COULD YOU KILL SUCH A CUTE AND LOVABLE CHARECTER! I'M Going to have my shinigami friends get your soul early! MURDER DO YOU HEAR ME!? CURSE With every Harry potter curse there is!
4/8/2013 c9 44Lefty
Imagine if Trouble and N1 suddenly materialized and saw that! I wonder what they would think?
4/8/2013 c8 44Lefty
Is Arty a cyborg, now? That would be interesting.
4/8/2013 c7 44Lefty
I think Arty ('our' Arty) and the others should meet this timeline's versions of themselves. Or would that cause the universe to implode?
4/8/2013 c6 44Lefty
That was pretty funny!
4/8/2013 c5 44Lefty
Great story
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