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1/25/2015 c44 ororo.munroe.3705
lol so funny pls update soon
3/16/2009 c44 96TheVampireLucinda
*laughs loudly* Ah, Souless, how I love you. XD I FINALLY got around to reading this chappie...and I couldn't stop laughing at the end! I must say, though, you write Shawn and Taker a lot better than I do!

ShawnMuse: Got that right.

TakerMuse: Yeah.

*pout* Jerks. XD In any case, I'm glad Mark hasn't actually relapsed...yet. *wicked laughter*

3/7/2009 c44 Dark Scorpia
This was a chapter that get me glued to my computer! LOL! Love the new chapter!
3/7/2009 c44 justkimmy
Fantastic chapter. I loved it! Way to go! Looking forward to more.
3/6/2009 c44 barbiedoll
Yippee! Finally, an update! Talk about a sense of humour, the Deadman definitely had them going there! More regular updates, please.
3/6/2009 c44 136wrestlefan4
yay! Nice job, quit dougting your writing abilities silly. lol it was great! Thank you for the mention too. :) I'm reading 'Power' too and I really like it. :D
3/6/2009 c44 162Dark Kaneanite
Bad Mark...that was just wrong. But the thought of them in the showers made up for it. Now I'm wondering how Paul is going to top that.

Loved it and I can't wait to see what the others have planned for this, now if I can get my Bam and Bri muse back to work...lol
3/6/2009 c44 6Esha Napoleon
This is good.
3/3/2009 c43 barbiedoll
Have been re-reading this wonderful fic, please update soon as it has been quite awhile since the last update.
1/9/2009 c43 Dark Scorpia
Once again brillant chapter. Keep it up. By the way I fixed the little error I made and replaced it with a different one. Thanks for telling me. Anyways you keep bringing brillant chapters like these!
1/6/2009 c43 162Dark Kaneanite
Jeffy and Phil came out of the closet...so to speak. Poor Chris, no wonder he's mad at you. And Finlay, as always is hilarious to use, he's just the perfect foil to any character you want to use.

I wonder if anyone saw Jeffy peeing? That could lead to some funny situtations in the future.

Loved it!
1/6/2009 c43 barbiedoll
Woah...haha...Chris had it coming to him, you make him so hilarious in every situation. Great that Jeff and Phil became closer in the closet. Jeff spraying Chris with the pink shaving cream and then peeing on him, I doubled up with laughter! and then, he went on to tease Phil, knowing that they could already get out of the closet. But it worked, Phil kissed him even though he did not expect that at all! Hope they become officially a couple in the following chapters. Why not let Phil romance Jeff by going through the dating process, dinner, intimate moments under the moonlight on board the loveboat...I think Jeff would like that! So, great chapter! Please update as soon as possible.
1/2/2009 c42 barbiedoll
Ho..ho..ho.. no towels for the guys to hide their bits from the public eye. But, who is that mysterious guy who has a thing for Paul? And come on, something on Phil and Jeff already. Those poor guys have been missing for quite awhile, and... hey! Are you giving them time to re-aquaint themselves in the privacy of the closet? Great idea! Hope some romance between those two come with being locked together. Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/2/2009 c42 136wrestlefan4
Hahahahahaha! Dave knocked himself out with Jeff and Punks knob! lol and yes that doesn't sound right. sorry, dirty moment. *blush* Poor Phil/Jeff...they are doomed forever to be in that closet. That was too hillarious I'm just picturing it in my head. Also for some reason..after 42 chapters of this story it just hit me how crazy it is! I mean it really is like a zoo, but a lovable zoo! Lol. I wonder who the mystery person is? Hm...interesting.
1/2/2009 c42 Dark Scorpia
All I have to say is keep it up and good chapter.
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