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2/15 c4 2LONE RANGER 97
This story just got a little weirder... I LOVE IT! PLEASE UPDATE SANDWICH (I mean soon not sandwich normally I would have just erased sandwich and typed soon but I found it too funny to erase)
2/14 c3 LONE RANGER 97
Okay there is one mistake in this story that I think you should know of and that is that wink from twilight princess is not the hero of time he is the hero of twilight the only other title that he's referred to with is the chosen hero when in the sacred realm with Zelda and I think he's also been referred to as the children hero by the light spirits as well and toilet… well that's all I have to say for this chapter unless of course you're not tired of hearing how great this story is then... THIS STORY IS AWESOME PLEASE MAKE MORE CHAPTERS
2/14 c2 LONE RANGER 97
This story reminds me of red versus blue but except the ... Quirkiness (?)... is spread all around except for link Zelda midna and I think Darth Vader I haven't seen enough scenes of him in this story 2 tell
2/14 c1 LONE RANGER 97
I saw what you did there LOL Avatar reference
11/25/2016 c1 Guest
LOL avatar: last airbender reference XD
6/28/2015 c4 Amber hikari


5/27/2015 c4 Geek
Okay, at first I was excited, but this is just a bit overboard.
3/23/2015 c4 2HyruleanHero500
How about have Xernias or Ho-oh appear. If Hyrule castle was moved north, that means that the Four Sword is also in the Sacred Grove. Yveltal can easily kill Blackbeard.
2/5/2013 c4 Guest
Jack is helping? ROFL
5/12/2012 c4 3Just Monika Only Monika
Update or be copyed mahahahahaha
9/18/2011 c4 8Kassadar von Ibrafern
I can't stop laughing! So much win!
4/3/2010 c1 Tetraforce
Since you won't like my opinion on how to imporve this I won't bother.
4/3/2010 c4 Tetraforce
ROFLMAO at how unrealistic your geography is...even for a Zelda fan fic. Though granted I have seen worse.
2/19/2010 c4 D
Update! Please!
1/31/2010 c4 2DarkSora2.1
please update soon!
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