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for Flowers and Fire

1/2/2013 c1 7Uncle Xigbar
I absolutely loved it, was brilliant. And the ending was so sweet!
6/20/2009 c1 5reddoggie
the last line was a little... but i liked this fic, it was awesome! well i mean to say, i liked it. (loved it) and poor roxas getting injured. bless marluxia for being there.

ha! that last sentence sounds so weird! (bless marluxia?)no. thanks for the fic!goodjob!
11/5/2008 c1 6Kairi Yakura
Aw, that's so cute (Fangirl squee) this is one of my new favorite pairings!
11/1/2008 c1 9Eggman Oyu Castle
lol. I finally got around to reading this; I'm sorry it took so long. Hehehe. Yea. jerkface!Axel is some good evil. Freaking.. chyeaa. :P.

Yea. I really love this. Reminds me of my ItaSasu one shot with the roses. Idk why, but I love this kind of thing. Seems poetic, but in this case it was poetic funk, which rocked. lol. love.

idk. i love Roxas! and it's not like i've read so many akuroku stories that I could ever be tired of them. but this was different/interesting. chyess. xD. love it. marluxia roxas. who knew, huh?

and I did look up the flower with the link you gave (took me a while to find the right one, though, i'm so silly, you don't even know, you should have been there), it's fantabulastic. memories of paradise. sounds like Roxas having memories of being Sora back on his island. :PP. did you think of that one? anyways. LOVE.
8/13/2008 c1 19Xendell
Sweet! this was very well written, I really liked it a lot, it made the pairing seem really natural too^^ And it was very cool you gave the link for the flower, that just made the whole thing complete. Do you know if these flowers survive inside the house? i love flowers and I'd like to add the Memories of Paradise to my collection ;) Anyway very good story! Please keep on writing (going to check your other stuff out now^^)
8/8/2008 c1 15Drowning in Ice
The world needs more Marluxia/Roxas. I command thee to make moar.

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