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6/28/2013 c1 3Wholives4Eva
I don't like songfics because usually the songs are not well used in the fic - in this case that isn't true. You've used the song really well to direct the narrative and evoke an emotional tone.

Concrit would be mainly that your editing is a little lax - a couple of repeated words and changes in tense which interrupt the flow of the story needlessly. And whilst it is obvious where the story is going that's okay given the type of piece it is.
10/8/2010 c1 116LaedieDuske
Damn, that actually choked me up, I had tears in my eyes, what a beautiful post! That sense of hurt and loss, that total devastation that comes with losing the one you love and, even worse, having been the one who drove them away. Then to blindly follow your heart, trusting it to bring you back to the other half of you. When she finally arrived, that was brilliantly done, the vivid descriptions I could see it all. I love it, I can't wait to read more! That was just epically beautiful!

3/17/2009 c1 dancer in the rain
8/9/2008 c1 4p3karen
I so needed that. just the right amount of angst and fluff to make a great ending.
8/9/2008 c1 14Kare38
Wow! Love it. Didn't even know the song but I felt the emotion of it anyhow. Love to read a sequel if you have it in you! Great job!

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