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for The Price of Paradise

1/23/2021 c14 FaylinRivershadow
Going through and reading this story again because it is so well written and engaging, I came across where Tom and Jeff are talking about their time in NASA and Veridean Fever. I would find it quite interesting to read a story like that.
7/22/2020 c24 381JanetM74
Absolutely loved this. Great angst and a bit of whump - perfect!
7/21/2020 c3 JanetM74
I love your interplay between the brothers. I giggled along.
7/21/2020 c2 JanetM74
Great chapter. Brought tears to my eyes
4/14/2020 c6 21psychoseal
9/3/2019 c25 381JanetM74
Excellent development of both story and characters. Thoroughly enjoyed - especially the reporter and his comeuppance!
2/15/2018 c25 Maiten01
wow that really was a lovely story. I think you wrote them very realistic and i love 5 year old Alan, he's so cute! <3
6/12/2017 c25 wandamarie
loved it thank you
6/12/2017 c24 wandamarie
loving it thank you
6/12/2017 c23 wandamarie
keep up the good work
6/12/2017 c22 wandamarie
keep up the good work
6/12/2017 c21 wandamarie
loving it
6/12/2017 c20 wandamarie
oh my getting good
6/12/2017 c19 wandamarie
getting good
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