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10/11/2008 c24 Cutiepie2191
Another amazing chapter! I can't believe that the story is almost over! I'm already excited to read your next one, though:)
10/11/2008 c24 53Jimmy Candlestick
aw...good ol' Virge.
10/11/2008 c24 montogma
Aw, what great chapter!Loved the scott/john banter and it's so nice to see jeff finally relaxing and having some fun with his kids.Sad to see the story end though.Any ideas on what you're going to write next?
10/11/2008 c24 Pony Girl-Sakura
OMG this is the greatest story ever
10/11/2008 c24 eeb bee loves to read
hey great update im so happy but at the same sad cuz tomarrow is the last chapter :(

chapter 23:

poor scotty he just cant catch a break... but he shouldnt have drank tht coffee hehehe

cute moment with daddy Tracy and Gordo :)

chapter 24:

yes yes yes there back home and virg is playing the piano again :)

cant wait for the update tomarrow!
10/11/2008 c24 72criminally charmed

Seriously, that was adorable. I love the interaction that Jeff is now enjoying with all of his boys. Jeff checking up on his two babies was cute but it was wonderful when Virgil played just for his father. It was also a bit sad when Jeff realized that Virgil was such a talented artist and composer because if he had been paying attention since Lucy died it wouldn't have come as such a shock. I also like how Virgil helped Gordy with the no-swimming rule by offering to decorate his cast, giving his little brother something to look foreward to.

The "fight" between Scott and John was a good touch, allowing them to just be a couple of teenagers instead of the parents they had been having to be.

It will be sad to have this story end, but you are a talented and prolific writer who has developed wonderfully since you began all not that long ago. I am already anticipating your next story.
10/11/2008 c23 53Kat12739

Hee hee, Scott was funny. Do you think you could send him back to base on several shots of pure unaltered caffeine (sp?)?

Fluff; I could eat it for dinner, so thanks for including it.

Me thinks Gordy will become slightly grumpy if he can't swim. And a grumpy Gordy will be a nightmare to live with.

Can't wait for the next update

KZ ;)
10/11/2008 c23 8Lampala
Only 2 more chapters to go? I'm so glad you've got ideas for more stories. Hyper-Scott is so funny! I loved the bit where Andy was telling Jeff what had happened. The last scene was really sweet too. I really liked the family fluff.

Brilliant chapter and please update soon.

10/10/2008 c23 8Lgbabyblu
Aw... how cute :D Can't wait to read the next chapter! Yeah they're going home! i know :( lame review, but i gotta go to bed XD
10/10/2008 c23 53Jimmy Candlestick
oh yay!home! you know...Scott's gotta get back at the boys for all of his blushing...
10/10/2008 c23 10Digi-Girl101

Aww : )

I can't wait! AND here in Canada, thanksgiving is Sunday my auny & uncle are here from Ottowa, a different province (USA calls them states, we call them provonces & territores & we only have 10 or 11 (i forget lol))

10/10/2008 c23 Cutiepie2191
Another amazing chapter! Keep up the good work:)
10/10/2008 c23 crazykids121
Hi there!

I'll be sorry to see this story end. Your stories are all fantastic. That story idea offer still stands if you ever want it.

I look forward to reading all six or seven future stories you have planned and hopefully many, many more!

10/10/2008 c23 72criminally charmed
Hon, if we didn't like fluff, we shouldn't read YOUR stories. You are the Queen of Fluff. You have enough fluff in you to feed the third world fluffernutter sandwiches for a year. (That's marshmallow spread on one slice of bread and peanut butter on the other. Pretty tasty.)

That was very sweet and it is nice to see you winding down. Because that means a whole new story.
10/10/2008 c23 23HufflepuffGleek
No I like this story are you going to right any more stories after this?
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