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for The Price of Paradise

6/9/2017 c2 wandamarie
oh my getting good and loving it thank you
6/9/2017 c1 wandamarie
oh my loving it thank you
1/11/2016 c25 Guest
This is so wonderful!
1/7/2016 c25 Sueemm
Totally loved this.
10/29/2014 c25 32Silverstar
Wow! That was an amazing story! I loved it! And lots of family fluff - Yey!
12/3/2013 c11 2LilyLatendresse63
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11/27/2013 c17 Guest
So, I know this is an older story (which I am thoroughly enjoying reading, by the way) but this chapter got me thinking. I don't know if you take story requests, or really if you even write anymore, but you seem to have a great backstory set up here between Jeff and Dr. Palmer. All I'm saying is, if you ever wrote a story about the two of them serving on a space station together - maybe even a story based off of some of the little plot points you've dropped in this story, such as exploding panels and whatnot - I'd definitely be thrilled to read it. It seems like a really fascinating concept.
6/14/2012 c8 lovesalan
to that question me im 12 and never broke anything
10/27/2011 c25 8Autohumans
Beautiful story. The best moments in this story are;

1. The pool fight! (reminds me and my sisters doing that to our father),

2. Tom and Jeff out doing each other on old times.
10/5/2011 c25 Guest
Absolutly love your stories! Hope you will delight us with another!
2/14/2011 c21 31LoraRawr
i love this chapter. and the whump of this chapter. and the Scott Andy friendship that begins to form.

and everything about this story.

and your universe of epic-ness

and the whumpships [i mean relationships, Freudian slip much?] that you have developed and maintained and have made awesome.

the end.
6/26/2010 c25 LoraRawr
33 I love the itroduction of Andy in this story. (though it does make me yearn for a Scott and Andy story with lots of whump! tee hee.)

Once again, I loved it lots, with Jeff as a papa bear, and Tom the only sane one (and I use that ever so lightly) that can be seen.

Can't wait to read more!
6/21/2010 c25 64epalladino
I really liked this one. You really nailed the younger Tracys' characters and I loved your version of Jeff. The action was well thought out and exciting. P.S. I'm a freelance copyeditor and, at times, I find typos distracting in a story. However, your story was good enough to make me forget about the typos.
4/12/2010 c25 1Mrs. Inkwell
Lol, I gave up reviewing it chapter by chapter, I just couldn't stop long enough between chapters to actually type something out, it was that adicative! This was loads of fun and I really liked Thomas Palmar, he was totally the clown of the story, but also gave Jeff somebody to talk to who wasn't involved in the family affairs - he couldn't have had those discussions with one of his sons, it wouldn't have worked. And it's nice to know that he has a friend to rely on now.

Andrew Myers was cool too, I liked the background story to his character. And the thing with the reporter posing as a janitor was awesome, like a crime drama!

I realy, really liked this story and I've already read some of your oneshots (which I didn't review because I didn't have a profile yet, sorry) but this is my favourite so far because they are all so cute. I really want to read your latest because that sounds really interesting so you'll hear from me soon!

Thank you SO much for writing this story and your other stories, they are all brilliant!
4/12/2010 c11 Mrs. Inkwell
Alan is just the cutest little boy in the world. Can i have one? Pretty please? Lols.
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