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4/12/2010 c10 1Mrs. Inkwell
Aw! Ok, Jeff officially has my forgiveness, he was so cute when he found Alan and started acting like a real daddy!
4/12/2010 c7 Mrs. Inkwell
"I need to find them." Jeff muttered, almost to himself. "This can't happen. Not again."

For some reason, that made me cry. I suddenly felt really sorry for Jeff. It's funny how such a simple statement can tell us so much about what he's feeling. I could really see his grief at Lucille's death here.

On to chapter 7!
4/12/2010 c6 Mrs. Inkwell
"Gordon and Alan were not there."

Words of doom indeed.

Great chapter!
4/12/2010 c4 Mrs. Inkwell
I feel so sorry for both Scott and Gordon. Scott because he's burdened wit the role of father AND eldest brother, and has to handle the nasty stuff as well as the hugs. And Gordon because all nine-year old boys need a proper Dad and lots of attention, and Jeff can't give that to him. No wonder he's lashing out.

He can't understand why the rest of his brothers are taking it so stoically - John and Scott do it because they have to, and because they kind of understand what their Dad is going through, and Virgil wants to keep stiff upper lip for the sake of his younger brothers. And Alan just doesn't understand because of his age, and because he probably can't remember a time when their Dad was a big part of their lives, AND because he sees his father figure in Scott. But Gordon is voicing what we're all thinking - what the hell is Jeff doing?

This is getting really good.
4/12/2010 c3 Mrs. Inkwell
"Little did he know that, beyond the brightness of the afternoon sun, a danger was fast approaching. A serious danger that would threaten to blot out his innocent happiness forever."

Excitment! I'm so glad I don't have to wait for updates and all that coz the wait would kill me! *reads on*
4/12/2010 c2 Mrs. Inkwell
I adore little, angsty Gordon. He's so cute! And Scott's handling the fatherly role well, all things considered. I like how you show us the more normal side to their home life, with the usual sibling arguments, but also include the anger and upset caused by Jeff's absence. He's not doing anything WRONG, he's just not DOING anything, which is perhaps ten times worse. I feel the boys' suffering in this one, my own father was rarely around when I was growing up.
4/12/2010 c1 Mrs. Inkwell
I've only just begun reading TBs fanfiction, and the search engine brought me to your stories because I was looking specifically for hurt/comfort/family fics that are well written and realistic. I think I've found the stuff I'm looking for! Definitely going to be reading this in one sitting.
1/31/2010 c25 9charming2drew

Totally and completely cute!

I love it!
11/5/2009 c25 26Angel-Sue76
aww that was such a brilliant story and my favourite so far I think. I love the huge transition that Jeff went through and the way he made the time to explain it to all of his sons.

You are brilliant at capturing the fear and worry of the reader especially when Gordon fell off the rock. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I love the way you have written Alan though he is just so adorable and reminds me a lot of my baby brother.

It was great reading about Dr Palmer again and Andrew Myers seems cool too I hope we get to meet him again. Oh and the bit with the reporter was amazing especially when Jeff went into big Daddy mode to stop him hitting John. Gotta love protective Jeff.

The ending was brill too and I absolutely loved the heart to heart between Virgil and Jeff. I think you caught his emotions so well.

Okay enough waffling but again another brilliant story and you really do get better and better.
6/12/2009 c25 204Loopstagirl
oh nmy goodness, i cannot put into words how much i enjoyed this! you're writing is amazing-i think i both laughed and cried and did everything in between-it was incredible!
2/18/2009 c25 153Phx
Aw - what a wonderful ending :)

Everything has been restored to order in Tracy land... well until your next story.

Thank you.
2/18/2009 c24 Phx
Aw - what a truly wonderful talk Jeff has now had with Virgil. He really broke good ground with all his sons now, even if Alan was too young to really understand but the older boys did and it has been the magic that they were all missing. My eyes misted when Virgil played. Aw!
2/18/2009 c23 Phx
Oh my goodness, that visual of them at the end, laughing and swarming their father warmed my heart. Very nice scene, and now the boys are getting out, yippee!
2/18/2009 c22 Phx
Sneaky you :) I will admit when I read that Alan's fever had spiked during the night, I was like 'where? I didn't read that' and then realized you didn't write it, lol!, you just mentioned it as an after the fact. As an Alan girl, I'm disappointed 'cause now I gotta use my own imagination, lol!

Loved the playful banter in this chapter. Everything is returning to normal and now Jeff is goign to talk to his youngest boys - do we get to hear that chat too? So that will only leave Virgil that he hasn't spoken too. Can't wait. I love seeing Jeff admit that he messed up.
2/18/2009 c21 Phx
I am glad that Jeff has spoken to Scott and is going to speak to John. They really need to know he is most defintiely back.

Loved the reporter getting his just rewards... grr... that is what he gets for messing with a Tracy, or in this case, four of them. He should probably count himself lucky that Gordon and Alan weren't there. Gordon's casted leg to the groin would hurt and I've heard that Alan bites :P
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