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for I Have Read About That Kind of Love

11/14/2018 c6 35ZiZiLuPone
I. Need. More.

That was for the beginning. You are fantastic writer and I don't know why exactly you stopped writing, but according to my actual school situation I might suspect the reason.
I can only say, you write the characters so true and describe the situations with all the emotions they feel. You write so well as if you were a painter working on a masterpiece full of wonderful colors. Not every of them has to be bright, but you can paint with them too and the result is just breathtaking.
I have to admit I cried so many times during reading all chapters, over and over and I can feel in what Fosca feel, in what you probably felt while writing (as authors usually do-personal experience) and my chest ached when her heart did, I swear !
That much great writer you are, and that much I appreciate your fanfictions, and I just wish you would ever continue again

Don't let me wait for too long, pleasexoxo Zizi
8/17/2018 c6 ororo.munroe.3705
i love this
7/31/2014 c6 GoldenSmiles
I really enjoyed reading these chapters. I hope you make a chapter 7 to conclude the story. It also helped me understand Fosca more than when I watched the musical (I really liked the musical from 1994).
8/27/2008 c1 121Assimbya
Oh, this is lovely. I didn't expect to find a story here based on Passion, and I certainly didn't expect to find one as good as this. Your descriptions of Fosca's thoughts somehow manage to have similar cadence to the half lilting, half harsh lyrics of Fosca's in the musical.

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