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5/14 c10 Keithbear666
I only have two complaints, one complaint is that the story seems to focus way too much on Ichigo after the first few chapters. This story isn't about Ichigo. It happens in his world, but he isn't the mc of this story. This story is literally described as Dante's and the other devil hunters adventures in his world. But so far we are seeing very little of them in comparison. And we are seeing very little of their interactions in this world. My second complaint is Dante's strength level. By DMC 4 he was one of the strongest beings in his universe hands down. Not THE strongest yet, but close. And you had him sweat after taking out a menos grande. One of the weakest hollows. If you are having something like that be possible, then either you have weakened them, or you don't actually fully understand Dante's strength level. And honestly it makes me have very VERY low hopes for this story actually being any good after this point. Cause that seems like a red flag leading to Dante being weaker than a captain when he could realistically kick 99% of their asses easily without much trouble at ALL.
3/13 c20 Anon
Normally would praise someone for a fairly well done story. Instead, have to give big, fat 6.5/10, for the EXCESSIVE DISUSE of LINE BREAKS. Get a Beta or, if you already have one, fire them and get a new, better one, because holy fuck, I can not tell who the fuck is talking, when, where, and why, as every single bit of every single chapter is just blended together like a shitty purée. One second it’s Ichigo and Ikkaku, then it’s Ichigo and Nero, no wait, Lady and Soi Fon, now it’s Uryuu and caped man. It is so mashed together in some places, I spend more time backtracking than reading the story. The actual plot is alright, as is the story in general, but the execution is horrid.
1/6 c3 just some guy
Man, every time I come back to this fic, I'm always blown away by the perfect dialogue and characterization. I don't even have to try and read the lines in the respective character's voice: it naturally flows that way. And just like the first arc of Bleach, this story has a great balance of action and comedy, with a little more focus on romance which is fine and helps to spice up the story a little. My only gripe is that the DMC characters kind of take a backseat to what is just a retelling (albeit a very good one) of the Soul Society arc, but your portrayal of the characters and their interactions is so fun to read that I never mind.

The paragraph with Ichigo describing what is taking place at the pizza parlor with Dante trying to prop his feet up and Nero, Kyrie and Rukia having a discussion about "pepperonis" is completely hilarious and stunningly vivid to me, especially Ichigo's reaction! The way you set the scene was perfect too.
2/14/2023 c1 NIG GER OPPRESSOR
This would have been readable if there wasn't any pointless romance to this.
11/24/2022 c28 codeninja676
I was really liking the story and having an OC fucking around with time and dimensions is fun...but then you decided to make some secret society stuff if OCs and that's really freaking bad it takes away from the fun of what if x series met y series characters.
11/18/2022 c11 Ltbutterfly287
Devil trigger only has a limited amount of time because of game mechanics. In the actual lord devil trigger is basically their true form.
11/18/2022 c1 Ltbutterfly287
Not a fan of paring Dante with lady because they have zero chemistry but ok. Doesn’t help that if they ever banged Dante is more then capable of accidentally killing her.
1/6/2022 c13 1Zjay
oh there is someone waaay "bigger" than her in the soul society
12/7/2021 c17 Guest
this guy in the black cloack sounds like a dirty nonse how i hate nonses
12/7/2021 c9 Guest
renji pineapple head bastard murder a damn soul waiting to go to hell along with most of those in the soul society waiting for hell bloodstained hands murders
5/11/2021 c28 Axccel
My favorite part of anything involving Dante is when he shows a hint of how insanely outmatched everyone else is. Kinda like Alucard.
5/11/2021 c15 Axccel
Mr. “I kill demon gods” versus Mr. “I got beat by a mid-teen carrot in canon”.
9/26/2020 c8 Guest
Hermoso :")
2/9/2020 c8 15NarutoTheTrueLegend
Unoriginal retailing of Bleach with Dante and the crew.
Don't waste time on this shit
2/1/2020 c4 pepejohn
Hmmm, romance is a little too fast paced here
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