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for The Touching End of Bellatrix Lestrange!

4/13/2017 c1 Lambychop
you have activated my sadness I shall blow up in the next year!
8/14/2012 c1 Guest
shitty story!
8/30/2008 c1 The Roadhouse
Heh, this was a nice little piece. It helped that I liked the song. It was an interesting, and original perspective to the ending of Harry Po-po, giving the stereotypical 'bad-guys' a chance to show their emotions, which i liked. Kudos.

Some of the spelling is a bit off, and some of your sentence structure could use work (eg. "No one was paying attention to the Death Eaters. Now with the Dark Lord gone they would be able to track down all of them easily so no one was paying attention to them." - this was too repetitive) but all-in-all, I rather enjoyed this.

Anyways, keep up the good work.

- Silence.
8/30/2008 c1 28I Brake For Bishounen Boys
Though I don't review Harry Potter fics that often (read- never) this is everything a Harry potter fic never is- original for one thing. I remember really liking Bellatrix Lestrange when I read HP, and am dismayed by the lack of good fics there are about her. This gives me hope.
8/20/2008 c1 4Emaline90
weird i had a very similar idea but i used flyleaf's all around me this song works really well too!
8/11/2008 c1 2metamorphTonks
That was nice! Really nice! I liked it a lot!

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