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for Kimi o ai shiteru

1/4/2009 c8 xCrazyKindOvWeirdx
wow this story rules! i love it, it is really different than the other sxs fics! so well done! i love the way you write too! i may have to read some of your other fics.. *wink*

p.s love the twilight refrence ^^ brilliant book! ^^

x x x x x
9/27/2008 c7 chainedheart999
Err... what's the problem here? I don't understand for what reason did Hikari come looking for Sakura... The Twilight and friends, right?^^
9/27/2008 c8 1Megumi Rii
I actually like the previous chapter the way it was..

hope you update soon...

and maybe Syaoran will remember Sakura...

By the way what is the name of Syaoran and Hikari's son?

9/26/2008 c7 8deadflo
i thought you should explain about her death, i think that would've been great in the story. but i really love the ending, it's very different from all those other stories that when one of them lost their memories it ends up remembering later! great job!
9/26/2008 c7 1airaamay
this is such an emotional chapter.. when you mentioned BABY I literally choked, if I was sakura, I would have broken down. But but WHYY DOES SHE HAVE TO DIE *tears* Update soon
9/26/2008 c7 50Death101- Fox Version
Awesome job but why/how did Hikari die?

9/24/2008 c6 1airaamay
*cries an ocean, deeper than any other ocean in the world* WHHY! UPDATE SOON!
9/23/2008 c6 chainedheart999
Huh? Syaoran got married? Then what about Sakura? Oh poor poor Sakura... It's really sayonara koi TT^TT so sad...
9/23/2008 c5 chainedheart999
Is this chapter the flashback before Syaoran lost his memory? Kind of confused by the story. It's not your fault^^ it's just that my mind is not that clear XD
9/22/2008 c6 1Megumi Rii
I feel sorry for Sakura..

Syaoran must remember her... even though he is married...

hope you update soon..

9/21/2008 c6 50Death101- Fox Version
OUCH! Poor Sakura! How could you do that to her? Please add another chapter! PLEASE!


P.S Awesome job on the chapter by the way.
9/21/2008 c6 21hamxham
this is a really beautiful story... i love how its so vague yet touching at the same time...

btw, (sorry for me asking, but) is english not your first language? because a lot of the grammar mistakes here seem perfectly logical in other languages... (such as japanese, but i can't really say be i only know a tiny tiny bit)

but anyways, still a very lovely story. good job! *tears*
9/15/2008 c5 1airaamay
9/15/2008 c5 50Death101- Fox Version
Awesome chapter but you might want to reread or consider getting a beta reader. Just a suggestion because I'm noticing some grammar mistakes. Am should be I'm (I am) and there were a few other mistakes. but the story line is good and worth the read. Nice job!

9/14/2008 c3 1Megumi Rii
I feel sorry for Sakura...

hope you update soon...

keep up the good work..

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